WhatCulture, WhatExodus? C5 Is The New WCPW?

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As we reported earlier this morning, the five principal players behind the success of pop culture site WhatCulture‘s wrestling channel and eventually it’s pro wrestling promotion WCPWAdam Blampied, Adam Pacitti, “King Ross” Tweddell, video editor Sam Driver, and Jack “The Jobber” King – all left WhatCulture today, leading to all kinds of reports and speculations. When we initially posted our article, WCPW was quick to dispute it.

Well, to be fair, there very well may have been actual management in WCPW that was from the actual WhatCulture office, beyond the five men creatively running the show. So fair play.

But after staying coy about the news (aside from retweeting the departure announcements by WhatCulture), it appears that one of The Departed Five has finally spoken. Or at least hinted at something.

While nothing else has been revealed as of yet, the growing speculation is that the five have broken away from WhatCulture to create their own independent wrestling promotion, away from the control of WhatCulture (and apparently their horrible boss) and that C5 could be the new promotions name (fans on Social Media are already calling them the Culture Five).


According to the latest report from Ryan Satin and Pro Wrestling Sheet, the five filed paperwork for a new company called Cultaholics (presumably what the C stands for) and they will be a video news channel, similar to WhatCulture. The files state that “the nature of their business is video production and news agency activities”. While it doesn’t mention a pro wrestling promotion, most assume that it would follow suit. It also lists the following personnel mentions: Editor-in-Chief, Ross Tweddell; Managing Director, Adam Pacitti; Head of Creative, Adam Blampied; Head of Production, Sam Driver.

We’ll continue to update as the plot’s thickening sheds further light.