WCPW Loses Entire Management Team? *UPDATED*

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Over the past year, WhatCulture, the pop culture website, has not only created a successful UK promotion in WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW), but brought millions of eyes to the UK indie scene through their free programming on YouTube (as well as Twitch). While many UK indie purists in Great Britain have lauded WCPW for using their sizable finances to bring in huge international names to pad their rosters, there’s no denying that WCPW has played a huge part in helping expose many of the United Kingdom’s emerging talent, such as ICW’s Joe Hendry or English stars like Joseph Conners, Martin Kirby and El Ligero, to a wider international audience, as well as including the more well known names like Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Jr.

So it was a bit surprising when WhatCulture, WCPW’s parent company, released this statement this morning.

At first glance it may not mean much, but to WCPW fans, all of the names listed are integral parts of WCPW and WhatCulture’s wrestling content. Adam Blampied and Adam Pacitti have been the driving forces of WCPW, as both authority figures and backstage booking and planning. Ross Tweddell – best known as King Ross – is a huge part of WhatCulture’s wrestling programming, as the host of the popular WTF series. Sam Driver is WCPW’s video editor while Jack “The Jobber” King is another important member of the WCPW team. The departure was addressed further by WhatCulture’s wrestling department:

This lead many to speculate that perhaps the team wasn’t entirely leaving WhatCulture and that perhaps the crew were instead now going to be working exclusively on WCPW as it’s success was clearly growing beyond what it was when it started out. But then the third bomb dropped shortly after, when WCPW announced that General Manager Adam Blampied was indeed stepping down.

In the press release, WCPW stated that:

WCPW can today announce that Adam Blampied will be stepping down from his role as on-screen General Manager

We’d like to thank Adam for all his work and wish him well in his future endeavours.

We’ll be unveiling our new General Manager at Refuse To Lose on October 2nd.

Photo: WCPW

So far, none of the five names departing have commented on Social Media about the news. With it being essentially the entire wrestling department of WhatCulture departing seemingly at once, it definitely seems to smell like a work of some sorts and there’s still a very real possibility that WCPW is in the process of becoming it’s own standalone promotion outside of WhatCulture and they could be restructuring their contracts to reflect that.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.


When sharing this article today, WCPW has responded with a simple “No.”, so it appears that the team will be remaining with WCPW, just not working for WhatCulture’s parent site.

In regards to the team leaving WhatCulture, amidst the news this morning, a former writer, Thomas Broome-Jones, joined in and explained why the five men may have decided to leave WhatCulture, furthering belief that the five may be taking WCPW independently from WhatCulture.