Another Lucha Legend Unmasked in Mexico

Tonight at CMLL‘s 84th Anniversary Show in Mexico, Mae Young Classic competitor and 22-year veteran Princesa Sugehit lost a mask vs. mask match against Zeuxis, having to remove the luchadora mask she’s worn her entire career. Although not the same magnitude as Dr. Wagner Jr. unmasking a few weeks ago, it’s still a huge move for such a veteran and storied champion like Sugehit.

Photo: CMLL

From 1996 to 2005, Princesa Sugehit (as Princesa Sujei) competed primarily with AAA, competing in several Reina de Reinas Championship matches as well as indies in the US. She competed in the inaugural ChickFight tournament from All Pro Wrestling in California in 2004, winning it all, after defeating Candice LeRae, Nikki Rox and then Cheerleader Melissa in the finals. She would enter 2005’s edition, but lost in the second round to All-Japan/ARSION legend Mariko Yoshida.

In 2005, she made the jump to rival CMLL, where she’s remained for the past 12 years, where she’s a former CMLL-Reina International Women’s Champion and the current Mexican National Women’s Champion, beating Zeuxis earlier this year ending her 700+ day reign. But it looks like Zeuxis has the last laugh, removing Sugehit’s sacred mask after 22 years.

Photo: CMLL

There’s speculation that perhaps Sugehit impressed WWE officials with her showing in last month’s Mae Young Classic – she defeated Kay Lee Ray in Round One, but was knocked out in the second by Mercedes Martinez – and that they may have plans to use her but without a mask. Losing it in Mexico would soften the blow to the Mexican and Hispanic audience in the US, rather than her just showing up in NXT without her mask (like what they did with La Sombra). While she’s 37 years old, she could still have a solid run in NXT and possibly even work as a trainer at the Performance Center. This is all still early speculation and nothing has been said from either camp about WWE negotiations post Mae Young Classic.

Photo: WWE


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