The Caribbean Report: WWL news, Hurricane Irma and more

WWL Hurricane Irma
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A Pandora box opened in WWL

The World Wrestling League is having a bit of a crisis lately. As we reported last week, WWL’s Head Booker Hector “Moody” Melendez, announced on his Facebook page that he will no longer be serving a head of creative for WWL. The news was drawn as Moody finally getting the call for Konnan’s The Crash, but things have gone south since those rumors appeared in the news.

Khaos & Abbadon, who are former WWL Tag Team Champions, commented on Moody’s resigning, saying that “Moody was leaving for The Crash, but that had nothing to do with his exit”. Reports started coming in about Moody’s troubles with the pair, with Khaos later jumping ship with WWC because of Moody’s dislike towards them and WWL wanting to keep them for ring equipment purposes (WWL’s ring is owned by Khaos).

Numerous reports have come since, specifying on Moody’s strict ways on booking, his zero-space of talent input and casual headbutting with talent are being rumor for months. Some talents with in the promotion have said that wrestling pages should be more positive about the situation, but none of them have been able to deny the reports about the former head writer. As for the head of the WWL, Boris Bilbraut told me that, “WWL is not giving up and that this is just a minor set-back. Felix Perez Matias is still working with us and we are working towards our 9/9 event”. As for Moody’s attitude, Bilbraut just said, “we can’t do it that way”.

Hurricane Irma damages the wrestling scene

As you may know now, a huge Hurricane named Irma is on its way to Florida. The Category 5 behemoth is not landing in the Sunshine State till the weekend, but is already doing damages in the Caribbean, especially in Puerto Rico – I’m doing this article while 185 mph winds are hitting my region.

Because of how severed the Hurricane is affecting Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in general, several shows for this weekend has been cancelled. First, the World Wrestling Council cancelled their 9/9 show in Gurabo and their 9/10 show in Hatillo, which is a big hit because WWC is preparing their stories for their biggest show of the year (Aniversario). Also, WWL had to cancel their High Voltage show in 9/9 in San Juan and CWA had to cancel their Accion Vibrante show on 9/9 in Toa Alta.

Plus, in Florida, Fighting Wrestling Evolution (FEW) and Coastal Championship Wrestling have cancel their shows for this weekend for the same reasons.

My condolences to all the Caribbean and Atlantic islands affected by Hurricane Irma, specially Barbuda, which had 95% of its infrastructure destroyed.

Mexico invades Puerto Rico

Something that has been talked for a long time, various shows featuring Puerto Rican and Mexican talent are scheduled this year and in 2018. This is something that started with known promoter “Metal”, who had a show featuring solely Mexican talent in the start of 2017 in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Now, on 10/21, Universal Promotions has a show named “Puerto Rico vs. Mexico”, which features top names from the island against indie Mexican wrestlers. The main event will Mike Mendoza – probably the most promising talent to come from Puerto Rico, against Minotauro. In other matches, Peter the Bad Romance go up against Low Rider and Angel Fashion & Vassago teamed up against Khaos & Abbadon.

Also, talking about Metal (the promoter), he is having sort of a dispute with Javier Bustillo and the name of the event, so he promises for 2018 to have that same show, but with better talent. For now, he has advertised El Cuervo, Aero Boy and Genesis for that event. There’s also rumblings about another show called MX-PR, which has the same premise as the other two.

Puerto Rico does it internationally

Few shows in the island, more opportunities to explore the world. This week was a fruitful one for talents coming from Puerto Rico.

The first one being Carlito or Carlito Caribbean Cool having tons of fun in Tijuana, Mexico. Many of your will remember him as the only person to win the United States and the Intercontinental Championship in his debut for each brand (Raw & Smackdown). Many wrestlers retire or loose steamed when they exit WWE, and especially those who debuted back in the early 2000s, but for Carlito, the story is different. He is in the best shape of his life, wrestling this past weekend for The Crash in Mexico. He has been traveling to the weirdest place to wrestle, you can catch him in a show on Chile to a sold-out in Pakistan.

Also, formers WWC Universal and IWA World Champions Apolo & Chicano, went to Austria for the World Grand Prix of Catch Wrestling for CWE. Plus, Mike Mendoza, Thunder & Lightning, Angel Fashion, Angel Cotto and OT Fernandez will be in Ohio for Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling. Plus, former WWC Universal Champion Mighty Ursus will be in the US going against Shane “Hurricane” Helms.

Other notes from the Caribbean

– The Dominican Republic wrestling scene is practically death right now, but an interesting show was held this past Saturday on Santo Domingo for Fighting Evolution Wrestling. The show included familiar WWE faces like Elijah Burke, former WWE Tag Team Champions the Headbangers and former Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long. Is unclear how was the attendance. Some of the results were: JB Cool b “El Fenómeno” El Tormento, Elijah Burke b Halcón Negro, Kat Killer & Tanaka vs. The HeadBangers (Mosh & Thrasher) ended in DQ and Bronco & Makiavelo b Ace Mayham & Alex G.

– As you may know now, the date for Wrestling Superstar’s Tribute to The Mesias is getting closer. The main event for the 9/23 show in Bayamon will be Brian Cage vs. Mecha Wolf 450 vs. MVP vs. Rey Mysterio. Also, Mesias (Mil Muertes in LU) vs. Johnny Mundo, TNT (former WWF star Savio Vega) vs. Black Pain, Ivelisse vs. Taya Valkyre, Team CWA (Starr Roger & Cuervo) vs. Team WWL (Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion) and tons of more matches.