The Caribbean Report: Vanilla Vargas to WWL, CWA’s Consistency, and more.

Emmanuel Rosado once again reports in from Puerto Rico with all the latest news out of the Caribbean professional wrestling scene!

Vanilla Vargas is the Answer to LAX’s Diamante

Photo: WWC

In what is considered a big splash for the up and coming World Wrestling League, Vanilla Vargas, one of the most talented women wrestler in Puerto Rico has join the WWL.

Vanilla is a star on the rise, having experience in Mexico and in the States. Vargas was a valet in WWC, serving as a Manager for Angel Fashion. The pair was a stable for WWC through out 2 years in Carlos Colon’s company, with Fashion winning the Puerto Rican Championship and the Jr. Heavyweight Championship under Vanilla Vargas’s wing.

Angel Fashion and Vanilla Vargas (Photo: WWC)

In late April, Fashion would have left the WWC and later in May would join the newly recharged WWL. This was a hole in Vanilla Vargas’s tenure in WWC. With Fashion gone and WWC not having a Women’s Division, Vanilla would disappear from TV for a while.

In the meantime, she has been tearing apart the international scene, with Vanilla wrestling in Arena Mexico for Ultimo Dragon’s DragonMania and later in Ohio, where she was awarded the first ever Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling Women’s Tittle, after beating Miss Hanna. In the few times that Vargas has wrestle lately she has gone head-to-head against the likes of Reyna Isis, former AAA Queen of Queens Champion Taya Valkyrie and CMLL’s Mima Shimoda.

Now, this last week, WWL made official that Vanilla Vargas would be participating in their event War in the West. Remember when I told you last week that maybe WWL will have a surprise for LAX’s Diamante? Well… Vanilla Vargas is your answer. Vargas will be teaming with her old friend Angel Fashion and El Vikingo (The Viking) Mike Mendoza to go against GFW’s own LAX (Santana, Ortiz and Diamante). It seems that the sky’s the limit for Vargas.

CWA reigns in Dorado  

The third best promotion in Puerto Rico, Caribbean Championship Wrestling, had a pretty good show in Dorado. As we reported last week, the company had Seth Rollins’s student Joe Acer, who in CWA went against former WWC Tag Team Champion Lynx. The match was said to be great, with Acer impressing the crowd at Dorado. In other topics, Justin Dynamite retained his CWA Puerto Rican Championship against Bane. Dynamite is on a 200 days reign ride, with him being the brightest light for CWA.  Also, Los Apostadores (The Gamblers) retained their Tag Team Championship once again, this also marks their 200 days reign.

Joe Acer and Lynx post match (Photo: CWA)

CWA is having a good run this summer, they have been putting the most shows in 2017, more that WWL and WWC. They have another show in 7/22 in Toa Alta and in 7/29 they will have their Summer Mayhem show, which is the biggest for them this year. CWA Champion Starr Roger has been confirmed for both shows.

Photo: CWA

Puerto Ricans shine in Ohio

Photo: CKCW

Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling has been a second home for up and coming talent from the island. They had a show 7/8 in Ohio with mainly indie talent from the states and the new generation of Puerto Rico. The event Age of Legends had names like Kongo Kong, Taya Valkyrie, Laredo Kid and Joey Janela mixed with talents from the Caribbean like Mr. 450, Mike Mendoza, OT Fernandez and many others.

Some of the results are: Mr. 450 b Ricky Reyes and Starr Roger, Vanilla Vargas b Taya Valkyrie to retain her CKCW Women’s Championship, Kongo Kong b Hiram Tua, OT Fernandez b Aeroboy to retain the WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title and Stateline b Mike Mendoza and Angel Fashion. *Thanks to Contralona PR.

WWL vs. WWC this weekend

World Wrestling Council and World Wrestling League went head to head this weekend (7/15). The company run by Carlos Colon had their show in Bayamon in the historic Pepin Cestero last night. The main event was WWC’s Universal Champion Ray Gonzalez alongside his son Ray Jr. vs. Thunder and Lightning. Lightning is the current Puerto Rican Champion and needs a challenger soon, so Xix Xavant will go up against Gilbert to be the #1 Contender of the Puerto Rican tittle. Also, Chicano vs. El Comandante (who ever that is), The Revolution vs. Enyel and Cuervo © for the World Tag Team Championship and OT Fernandez defends the Jr. Title against Peter “The Bad Romance” and Angel Cotto (son of Chicano).

Photo: WWL

For WWL’s side, they will have a big show in the west side of Puerto Rico. The main event will be BIG defending his WWL Championship against El Nazareno. Also, the GFW/Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX (Ortiz, Santana and Diamante) vs. Angel Fashion, Mike Mendoza and Vanilla Vargas, Mr.450 vs. JC Navarro to be the #1 Contender for the WWL Championship, West Side Mafia (Tabu & Morgan) vs. Puro Macho (Kris Diaz and Electro) and much more.

Other notes from the Caribbean:

Photo: Hugo Savinovich

– Wrestling Superstars of Hugo Savinovich has 2 shows coming up. The first one is with NGCW in Florida, which will have talent like Penta 0M, Brian Cage, Blue Demon Jr., Mr. 450, Savio Vega, among others. The show will be in the Fire Frogs Stadium in Kissimmee on 7/29. Also on 9/23 in Bayamon, Wrestling Superstars will have “MysterioMania: Tribute to the Messiah” which is an event that celebrates Ricky Banderas (Mil Muertes) wrestling career. The show has confirmed AAA Mega Champion Johnny Mundo, Taya Valkyrie, Mr. 450, Rey Mysterio and much more.

Photo: WAT

– The Colombian base promotion W.A.T will have their event August with talent from Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. The event is called “Supremacia en el Ring” and it will have CWA Champion Starr Roger.

CWS will have a double header in the last weekend of July with events in Vega Baja at 7/29 and 7/30.

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