WWE Great Balls Of Fire Preview: Iron Man-Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardys

Iron Man-Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardys

Iron Man-Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardys

This will be only the 9th WWE Iron Man match in history, in recent years they have been 30 Minutes instead of 1 Hour but that still leaves plenty of time for action. The first ever WWE tag team Iron Man match (over 15 Minutes) will be for the Raw tag team titles on Sunday after a stalemate between these 2 teams. Cesaro and Sheamus have only teamed for one year but have gained tremendous momentum and captured 2 WWE tag team titles in that time. The Hardy’s have been teaming since 1993, only taking breaks before being the brother tandem the fans love again.

The Build

The history has been great grounds for an Iron Man match with trading wins and a well-built feud with Cesaro and Sheamus feeling robbed by the returning Hardy’s. When Matt and Jeff Hardy came back to WWE and won the Raw tag team titles at Wrestlemania, it was an unforgettable moment. The Hardy’s returned to WWE after almost 10 years, one-upping new but established teams like Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. That did not sit well with Sheamus, he convinced Cesaro to join with him and take out the Hardy’s after their tag title loss at Payback. A refresher for Cesaro was necessary and gives him a more hard edge in the ring. Sheamus even kicked Jeff Hardy’s tooth out at Payback.

Then at Extreme Rules last month Cesaro and Sheamus got the job done, winning a Steel Cage match to defeat Matt and Jeff for the Raw tag team titles. It was a rare classic tag match in today’s era of shorter WWE matches, they were even given 2 Out Of 3 Falls on Raw as well in the main event. The Hardy’s are going to need to take the fight to the brawlers and rely on more than high-flying to win. Maybe a bit of Broken brilliance?

Nothing was settled in 2-Out-Of-3-Falls so we take it to a 30 Minute time-limit where the tag team with the most falls win. That’s where things get interesting. Matt Hardy is the oldest of the match at 43 years old so stamina will definitely be a factor. The daredevil antics of The Hardy’s can only go so far before they crash and burn. With Cesaro,36 years old and Sheamus, 39 years old, they are no young stars either but they have enough experience to outsmart The Hardy Boyz and run the scoreboard. If Cesaro and Sheamus connect with hard-hitting offense and get early pins, submissions, or count-outs, it’s all over and The Bar retains.

Predicted winners:

And STILL WWE Raw tag team champions- Sheamus and Cesaro.