PWG Head Like A Cole Preview

Hot off the heels of PWG Game Over Man on April 21, it’s time for a look at the next show on May 19 from Reseda, California. This is a fantastic card featuring veterans and hot young stars. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is running monthly now which is great for the ever growing fan base. The quality has never deterred in PWG. In fact it just keeps getting better with new talent like Keith Lee and Lio Rush, who have already made waves in other companies like Ring Of Honor. Title matches and a loud crowd is around the corner so here we go…

“The King Of Swerve” meets “Unbreakable” for the first time ever with Shane Strickland vs Michael Elgin and the size difference will make for a very interesting match. Strickland is highly-athletic and has captured lots of gold in his short career thus far, mostly in Combat Zone Wrestling. Elgin is no slouch in any style, but the power will come into play, no doubt. It would not be a surprise for either man to walk away with the victory here.

Another first time ever match will be Lio Rush vs Mark Haskins. Rush from Combat Zone Wrestling and Ring Of Honor and Haskins made his name in Progress Wrestling. A couple of the best young wrestlers anywhere and this will be the showstealer possibly. Rush will bring the high-flying and Haskins will bring the technical side. Rush has some of the most explosive offense today and Haskins has a few of the best counters today, so this should be a real treat to watch.

The reunion of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish will be on display with reDragon vs The Chosen Bros. This will surely be full of strikes and submissions, just like the fans want it. The perfect opponents are former UFC fighter Matt Riddle and former Olympian Jeff Cobb. This is really a can’t miss match and that’s very good for tag team wrestling. The backgrounds and techniques of all involved will make for one of the best tag team matches in recent memory.

Sami Callihan vs Adam Cole is a match that could be a main event in any company and the story going into this match is great. Callihan has been a mainstay of PWG for years. His recent match in PWG with his stable, Ohio Is For Killers against Cole’s stable, The Superklique, endeared Callihan to the fans even more. Cole could be on his way to WWE and this show name may be an indication, so Cole may do the honors here in a very hard-hitting match.

Keith Lee vs Trevor Lee is a classic match of size differences but the smaller, Trevor Lee, has the experience edge. This has a good chance of turning into a wild brawl. Keith Lee may be big but his moveset includes Moonsaults just like his opponent. These two like to show-boat but they both have a string of classic matches already to back it up. Both have had success elsewhere but this could be a match to get the winner a PWG title shot.

The PWG World tag team titles are on the line in a dream match between The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros. Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix are as good as it gets in tag team wrestling and can keep up with The Young Bucks in every move. The Young Bucks lost the PWG World tag titles to The Lucha Bros so i would expect a crazy battle of one spot topping the other. The fans in the crowd will have to move away from a lot of dives in this match!

The main event will be Zack Sabre Jr vs Trent? For the PWG World title. Trent Barretta is great in a tag team but this will be his chance to become a singles champion. Time will tell if Best Fiends win gold in PWG. Sabre will probably look to stretch Trent? but an upset isn’t out of the realm of possibility. The unique submissions of Sabre will match the unique offense of Trent?. This match is really a test for both but Sabre doesn’t look to be losing the big gold belt anytime soon.

Can’t wait for this next Pro Wrestling Guerrilla offering. PWG Battle Of Los Angeles this June is coming and we will see more fast-paced action. Thanks for reading, ring the bell!

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