ROH Honorable Mention:ROH TV Review (03/18/2017)

ROH 03/18/2017 TV Review
Episode 287
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Stage AE

The show this week was the third episode taped in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ian Riccaboni was alone on commentary to start the show.

First Match: Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser vs Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara:
After a short promo during which the Bruiser almost revealed the mystery partner that will join the duo in challenging for the 6-man tag team titles, Young and Bruiser half-heartedly adhered to the code of honor before attacking Cheeseburger in the corner. Young then suplex Burger into Bruiser’s waiting arms for a powerbomb before Ferrara did his best to take the two down. Despite a brief flurry, he was a victim of an atomic drop/neckbreaker combo until Cheeseburger was able to even the odds, giving Burger and Ferrara the chance to double team Young. Young was able to overpower Burger and forced him to the corner, tagging out to Bruiser. Burger took the brunt of the attack until Bruiser missed a rolling senton, allowing Burger to make the hot tag. Ferrara came in and cleared Bruiser from the ring before connecting with a flatliner that earned him a two count. He worked over the two over alone until the number overwhelmed him. Bruiser missed a chance at a senton off the apron, but made the save on the pinfall attempt on the inside on his partner. Young hit a cutter before tagging out and the Bruiser hit a frog splash before securing the pinfall victory. Nice match between the two teams who played their parts here well. Young and Bruiser are wonderfully stereotypical heels here, with Burger and Ferrara as the quintessential underdogs.

Winners: Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser

Second Match: Top Prospect Tournament Match
Josh Woods vs. Chris LeRusso
Silas Young and Brutal Bob joined Riccaboni on commentary before the next match. Woods floored LeRusso with a leg takedown and quickly tried to hook him in a submission. Le Russo was able to hit a dropkick, but as he pinned Woods, he found himself locked in an armbar. The two traded hip toss attempts, only for Woods to try a kneebar. LeRusso outsmarted him from the apron after escaping and followed with a cutter and a dropkick as he quickened the pace and gained control. After the two traded stiff elbows, Woods was able to use his power, tossing LeRusso around with a series of belly to belly suplexes. LeRusso was able to hit a pumphandle fireman carry slam, but Woods was able to kick out of the pin and connected with a kick to the head the floored LeRusso. As Woods went to town on LeRusso with rights, referee Todd Sinclair called him off, giving Woods the win via stoppage.

Winner: Josh Woods

Third Match: Lio Rush vs. Kenny King w/ Caprice Coleman
Chris Sabin joined Ian on commentary for the match. The two predictably did not adhere to the code of honor considering the issues between the two. As King continually threw up the Rebellion gesture, Sabin comically commented that King is a big fan of Perry Saturn-nice little Easter egg on color commentary.King and Rush started off by exchanging waistlocks and headsissors before Rush was able to force Kingto the outside. Rush attempted a suicide dive, but was quickly stopped in his tracks as King connected with an elbow to the head. Upon the return from break King was in control and then he tossed Rush to the outside and missed his own high risk maneuver, allowing Rush to connect with suicide dives before rolling King back inside. Rush launched himself off the top rope for a high cross body that King was able to roll through. Despite having the advantage, King fell victim to a reverse rana, setting up a frog splash. King was able to kick out and then scooped Rush up in a fireman’s carry before laying him out with a modified F5 before scoring the pinfall. After the match King and Coleman were set to work Rush over until Shane Taylor made his way out to ringside. Just as it seemed that Taylor was about to help Rush, he instead turned on Rush and laid him out with with a sit-out choke slam,apparently joining the Rebellion moving forward.

Winner: Kenny King

Main Event: Jay White vs. Jay Briscoe
Mark Briscoe joined Ian on commentary for the main event. The jays had wrestled a few months back, going to a time limit draw and this match was set to break the stalemate and put White’s undefeated streak to the test. White started off by taking right to Briscoe, connecting with a dropkick and then following up with elbows in the corner. White sent Briscoe outside, connecting with a tope suicida and throwing him into the barricades. Upon the return from the break the two were back in the ring, with Briscoe in control. Briscoe continued to keep White floored with a series of stiff strikes and headbutts, with breif glimpses of White fighting back, only to be taken back down. White did find an opening after the second commercial break, even locking in a crossface that Briscoe only barely break by reaching the bottom rope with his foot. The momentum swung back and forth between the two until Briscoe spat at White, which got White fired up. Briscoe was able to use White’s own momentum off the ropes to connect with a spinning elbow before following up with a clothesline that turned White inside out and led to White’s first loss in ROH. Great match here between these two, with White looking very strong in the loss to Briscoe.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Final Reaction: B+
Another solid episode of ROH television this week. Each match truly pushed forward a storyline, whether it was the Top Prospect tournament match, the Rebellion issues or the main event battle of the Jays. Shane Taylor’s new alliance with the Rebellion is off to a promising start and adds depth to the 6-man division, while also allowing him to work with veterans in a way that will be beneficial to all involved. The Battle of the Jays was a great match, but have Briscoe end White’s undefeated streak feels like a missed opportunity, as someone else could have gotten the rub by going over White, not Jay Briscoe who is already an established star who has accomplished everything someone can in ROH.

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