Impact: Why Alberto El Patron’s Entrance Didn’t Get A Pop

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Over the last few months, Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA) has been losing talent faster than they can sign new wrestlers, with some of the company’s biggest stars leaving for the likes of WWE. However, one wrestler who has debuted with the company in its recent tapings is Alberto El Patron, formerly known as Alberto del Rio in WWE.

However, if you watched the broadcast of his Impact debut, it’d seem like el Patron didn’t get much of a reaction when he first appeared on the program. With Alberto being such a huge star, you’d think that he would’ve gotten something, or something more than silence, which is pretty much what it sounded like. Now, though, it seems like we know why we didn’t see or hear the Impact audience when theĀ former WWE and AAA World Champion appeared on the scene. You can check out what was originally aired for international audiences below.

According to a number of reports, he did receive a strong reaction when he made his entrance, but a production error led to El Patron having to re-tape the entire entrance, which is what we saw in the product that was finally aired. As several reports have pointed out, instead of saying ‘Alberto El Patron‘ on the main screen, a typo led to it reading ‘Alberto De Patron,’ something which was only noticed once the star was making his entrance. During this original entrance, however, El Patron received a massive pop, with very few people expecting the ex-WWE star to turn up on the show, much less win a championship on his first night against Bobby Lashley.

With El Patron set to be with Impact Wrestling for the foreseeable future, hopefully Impact won’t make any more of these kind of mistakes.

Main Photo: Lucha Underground/El Rey Network