The Triple H Army: A Kayfable

Ever since last Monday night, when Kevin Owens turned on Chris Jericho, rumors have been running wild about a potential stable for The Game. As it stands, the stable would include Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens. Travel back in time three years, and see if nobody laughs at you for saying that.

But then it occurred to me. A new “Authority” stable could be interesting. Now, it’s true that we haven’t ever really moved on from the old Authority stable, but that version kinda sucked. Randy Orton left, Triple H was a part-timer, and it was obvious that Seth Rollins was destined to turn face. So what about a new Authority? A new stable, led by Triple H, designed to terrorize the WWE? If such a stable existed, this is who I think should be in it.

Dreambooking a New Triple H Stable

Photo: WWE

Leader: Triple H

I know. This was a huge surprise. Triple H? The leader of Triple H’s faction? No way. I know that’s hard to get past, but you’re just going to have to try. Like Degeneration X or Evolution before it, Triple H is the boss. He is the cerebral assassin, after all.


Second: Kevin Owens

At the beginning, this stable looks very similar to Evolution. Except instead of just playing the role of Triple H, Triple H is playing the role of Ric Flair. In this scenario, Kevin Owens would play the role of Randy Orton, as the stable’s second, younger star. Is this the only time Kevin Owens and Randy Orton will ever be compared? Probably. However, is the 32 year old Owens a real star in this business? Absolutely.

Hopefully, the split from Chris Jericho means the return of NXT Kevin Owens, as opposed to the chicken heel he’s been as Universal Champion. With Triple H and the next man on this list by his side, this faction would make any babyface garner sympathy, even Roman Reigns.


Enforcer: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is already on team Triple H. Whether there is or is not a faction, Joe is Triple H’s “next big thing” moving forward. Whether he’s only on Triple H’s side to be the yang to Seth Rollins’ yin or whether he’ll feud with The Game eventually, remains to be seen.


Tag Team: The Authors of Pain

This one is the least likely of these options. Not because the Authors of Pain don’t perfectly fit the stable, but because they’re still very, very green. Neither man has more than two years of experience in the business. However, much like Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, they’re destroyers.

The Authors of Pain could bring some much needed muscle to Monday Night Raw‘s tag team division, and would represent another dominant NXT call-up for Triple H’s army. The biggest issue is that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are heels and Raw‘s tag team champions already.

Photo: WWE

Cruiser… or rather, Bruiserweight: Pete Dunne

The obvious choice here is WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville. Not only is Neville a charismatic, talented heel, but he’s a former NXT champion. The biggest issue with Neville is that he doesn’t need to join a faction. He’s doing incredible work as is, and is already the best part of WWE’s cruiserweight division.

Pete Dunne is perfect for this faction. He gives them a contender in the cruiserweight division, and he’s got the nasty streak that the division needs and this faction requires. While Dunne hasn’t been any kind of champion in NXT yet, and he may end up being on this hypothetical weekly U.K. show, Triple H has spoken very highly of him. In fact, the two were face to face…

Unlikely Candidates.

Here are a few superstars that probably won’t end up in the faction for one reason or another, but would make a huge splash if they did.

Photo: WWE

Finn Balor

How crazy would it be if the longest reigning NXT Champion, Finn Balor, joined Triple H’s heel stable? Balor is destined to be a very popular heel, likely teaming up with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, but a partnership with Triple H could be beneficial as well. In front of and behind the camera, Triple H is very fond of Balor. Don’t believe me? He went from NXT Champion to Universal Champion without sneezing.

Photo: WWE

Big E

Big E is a peculiar fellow. He’s stuck in the merch machine that is the New Day in 2017, but should the team split, Big E deserves a big push. We know him as the gyrating goofball for now, but he could transform into a monster heel if used correctly. Most people have forgotten, but Big E was the second NXT Champion.

Photo: WWE


Think about the irony here. Ric Flair was Triple H’s hero growing up. He idolized Flair so much, that he made Evolution so Flair would have something to do. Wouldn’t it be fitting for Flair’s daughter to join a faction with Triple H? Charlotte is a great heel, a World Champion, and a former NXT Women’s Champion.

In Summation

Will this faction happen? I don’t know. For the time being, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens might just be pieces of the feud between Seth Rollins and Triple H. However, if the faction were to happen, they’d be far more intimidating than The Authority, and could elevate several superstars. Thanks for reading.

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