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NFL Week 4 Survivor Leagues: Focus on These Teams
Justin Patrick, Editor - Sep 28, 2021

NFL Week 4 survivor leagues: Here are some teams on which to focus this week in survivors leagues in order to make it to next week.

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NFL Emails
NFL Rumors: Leaked Emails, Josh Gordon Back, Mike Williams Hurting

NFL Rumors: the league says Jon Gruden’s emails were the only bad ones, Josh Gordon grateful for his latest opportunity, Mike Williams hurt

Vikings Defensive Tackles
The Minnesota Vikings Defensive Tackles Must Hold the Line

The Vikings go into week 6 with the 15th ranking rushing defense according to Pro Football Focus and 21st by yards allowed.  Vikings defensive tackles Dalvin Tomlinson and Michael Pierce will be the key to slowing down one of the top rushing attacks in the league. 

Jon Gruden Resigned: Here Are Some Possible Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Candidates
Matt Fallon - Oct 15, 2021

Potential Las Vegas Raiders head coach candidates now that Jon Gruden has resigned. The Raiders need a new head coach. Here are some options.

Michael Thomas Rumors
NFL Rumors: Michael Thomas “Close”, Lamar Jackson Illness, Joe Mixon Ankle

NFL Rumors: Michael Thomas should be back soon, quarterback Lamar Jackson and running back Joe Mixon miss Thursday’s practice sessions

MVP Leaders week 6
NFL MVP Leaders Entering Week 6

An exciting NFL season has left no clear leader in the MVP race, yet here are the MVP Leaders in Week 6 a yard ahead of the competition.

Trey Lance Starting Debut
San Francisco 49ers Lose In Trey Lance’s Starting Debut
John Henke - Oct 12, 2021

Trey Lance Starting Debut results in a loss, despite a shining defense and the rookie showing elite evasion and running skills.

Joe Burrow Taken to Cincinnati Hospital to be Evaluated for Throat Contusion
Will Koshover, Editor - Oct 10, 2021

Joe Burrow taken to Cincinnati hospital to be evaluated for a throat contusion following the game vs. the Green Bay Packers.

Patriots Stephon Gilmore
What Stephon Gilmore trade and return of Jamie Collins means for the Patriots
Katie Feehan - Oct 8, 2021

Bill Belichick proves he is still unsentimental about the Patriots best players by trading away All-Pro corner Stephon Gilmore.