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Notable Los Angeles Chargers Free Agents – What Are Their Chances of Returning in 2024?

The Chargers 2024 off-season will be one of the most important off-seasons in franchise history. This is the catalyst for the team to either launch themselves to the Superbowl or a team that goes back into its failing history.

The Los Angeles Chargers 2024 off-season will be one of the most important off-season in franchise history. This is the catalyst for the team to either launch themselves to the Superbowl or a team that goes back into its failing history. Joe Hortiz and Jim Harbaugh will have to start by recognizing which Charger free agents they would like to return to the team.

Remember during this exercise that the Chargers currently have -35 million in cap space after the Corey Linsley restructure. They must be cap-compliant by March 13th.

Los Angeles Chargers Free Agents: The More Notable Names

This Charger free agent class does not really contain any “big name” players this year. However, there are some key starters who will be leaving the team. Some of these guys have been with the Chargers for a very long time and will be remembered for their time in the Powder Blues.

UFA: Austin Ekeler – 25% Chance of Returning

The first Charger free agent on this list is former undrafted Western Colorado runningback, Austin Ekeler. Ekeler had some incredible years with the Chargers, but his time looks to be up. A new coaching staff, a terrible season, and an expectancy of a high-paying contract are all reasons Hortiz and Harbaugh will likely be looking in a different direction.

The only way to see Ekeler back in Los Angeles is if he takes a humbling pay cut and offensive coordinator Greg Roman knows exactly how to get Ekeler back on track in his run-heavy offense. Couple this with the Chargers having one running back under contract, maybe retaining a friendly face in the building is a possibility.

UFA: Gerald Everett – 50% Chance of Returning

Gerald Everett is an interesting impending Charger free agent. He could very well take a pay cut and come back to Justin Herbert and Jim Harbaugh. Many see the high likelihood of the Chargers drafting Brock Bowers as an immediate reason why Everett will not be returning, but that is not the case. Greg Roman runs plenty of 12 personnel in his offense. Having a quality veteran tight end behind the hypothetical Bowers would be great for his development and offensive continuity.

That said, the Chargers cap situation is pretty rough. Spending 4-7 million a year on a backup tight end might not be the best allocation of funds. Everett very well could go elsewhere for a starting job and more money.

UFA: Alohi Gilman – 75% Chance of Returning

Alohi Gilman has worked his way up from being a day-three forgotten-about selection to one of the easiest signings the Chargers should make in 2024. The impending Charger free agent, Gilman had a great season in 2023 and is now looking to collect a nice pay raise.

Though, his market is likely varied, but he will not cost the Chargers anything more than 5~ million a season. A young, experienced, cheap veteran starter is the exact type of signing the Chargers need in 2024.

UFA: Kenneth Murray Jr. – 35% Chance of Returning

Kenneth Murray is quite the opposite of a fan favorite with the Chargers. He has improved over the years, eventually playing a solid season in 2023. The issue is that the development came way too slow. The Chargers could very well look in a different direction. A reset in the linebacker room is a very smart way to rebuild this defense in the current cap situation the Chargers find themselves in. 

That said, it seems that Murray likes Los Angeles and has finally turned a corner in year four. He is still young and likely will not cost too much. Couple this with the Chargers likely cutting former Charger free agent signee, Eric Kendricks. This would leave your linebacker room will be now second-year day two selection, Daiyan Henley and Nick Neimann as starters. Murray would bring experience and leadership to that room.


In an ideal world, the Chargers would be able to clear up enough cap space to retain three of the four mentioned names. That said, the Chargers will likely look to sign one of these free agents. Alohi Gilman would be the most reasonable signing and one that Charger fans could easily get behind considering the circumstances.

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