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Why the Chargers First-Round Pick Is An Easy Choice

A great college player needs equally a great home to succeed in the NFL, Los Angeles is just that for Brock Bowers.

Draft season is coming around, and one of the most important prospects of the draft is Georgia’s Brock Bowers. As a tight end, Bowers has been extraordinary, becoming a playmaker that we have rarely seen in college football. With that immense status, he could be one of the highest-drafted tight ends ever.

That said, the Chargers currently hold the fifth overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft and have a massive need at tight end. Though, at pick five, many believe that is too rich to select a tight end, even someone as good as Bowers. Joe Hortiz and company may have to disagree with that sentiment.

Brock Bowers – The Profile

Brock Bowers stands at 6’4 240 with 4.5 speed. Combine this with all of his college production, you are looking at a prospect who genuinely might be the best player in the entire 2024 draft class. Other than being a productive athlete at a very large school, what else does he do well?


  • Athleticism is off the Charts
  • Yards After the Catch Ability
  • Scheme Versatile
  • Strong Hands
  • Motor
  • Solid Blocker
  • Warrior Mentality


  • Light for a TE
  • Will not dig out Edge Defenders in the Run Game
  • Route Tree is Limited

Full Brock Bowers NFL Draft Profile

Brock Bowers Kills Two Birds with One Stone

A great college player needs equally a great home to succeed in the NFL. Especially at the tight end position, just look at former top-end-super-hyped-up tight end draft prospect, Kyle Pitts. Many believe that the lack of production is not his fault, but more the fault of the Atlanta Falcons. I follow that sentiment and hope for Bowers to not end up with that same fate.

Chargers Need A Tight End – End Of Story

A perfect home for the borderline-generational prospect would be in Los Angeles, in the powder blues. The Chargers currently have only two tight ends on the roster as Gerald Everett is a free agent. Both of the current tight ends on the roster have never eclipsed over 300 receiving yards in a season. These players would be Stone Smartt, the young former quarterback, and Donald Parham Jr, the 6’8 receiving threat. Beyond the glaring hole that is the tight end room, the Chargers find themselves in a tough cap situation.

The draft is the best way to gain quality players for cheap. Brock Bowers would instantly become a starting tight end for the bolts, and doing so at a fairly cheap price. Beyond this, his scheme fit for this team is an interesting one.

Scheme Fit

The Chargers will likely be looking to move into more of a run-first offense under new Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman. Bowers is not known to be a great blocker; as he will very likely not be able to dig out 5-techniques in the run game. However, he is more than a capable blocker in space. Put Bowers on a linebacker or on a defensive back and consider it done. The Chargers did not have that last year with any of their tight ends. It was an obvious issue that the Charger’s tight ends could not block in the run game, and it was a major contributor to one of the league’s worst run games.

You are not drafting Bowers for his blocking ability, as that is one of his minor questions as a prospect. He is only 240 pounds. The positive about being a lighter tight end is that he possesses immense speed and agility as a pass catcher. The Chargers relied on Keenan Allen and…well…Keenan Allen the entire season to convert third downs and other important “money” downs. By drafting Bowers, you get a receiver who can catch the ball, create yards after the catch, and line up anywhere on the field.

The immense versatility the offense will now possess with Bowers at tight end will allow Harbaugh and Roman to create more creative run and pass concepts, hopefully opening the offense up for superstar quarterback, Justin Herbert.

Fun Fact: Speaking of Herbert, remember the 2021 pro-bowl game? Herbert hit former the former Joe Hortiz draft pick, Mark Andrews three times in the limited time they had together. On those three passes, it yielded: 3 Catches, 59 Yards, and 1 TD. Get Justin Herbert a great tight end.

Joe Hortiz’s Background Suggests Tight End

As Steven mentions below, both Harbaugh and Hortiz place a very high value on tight ends. Since 2009 when Hortiz was hired as the Director of College Scouting for the Ravens, he has drafted a total of 10 tight ends. The Chargers, in comparison, have only drafted four over the same span. The tight end room will finally be prioritized under this new regime.


The Chargers find themselves in a situation where they have plenty of needs and not a lot of resources. It is very likely that the Chargers will look to move back, but even by moving back just a few spots to garner a day-two pick they could still be in a situation to draft Bowers. If such does happen, Hortiz will be very happy in his selection of Bowers, knowing that with one selection he has filled so many different roles for this new Chargers offense.

Brock Bowers is the easy selection for the Chargers. It makes too much sense, and passing up on what some consider a generational prospect could be a major draft mishap. That said, Bowers has to be the selection for the Los Angeles Chargers in the first round.

Main Image: Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK


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