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The Chargers are Likely to Say Farewell to 3 Fan Favorites

The Chargers will be facing an off season full of turnover, these guys will really just be a start for this team to get back on track.
Chargers fan favorites

Now under a new regime, this Los Angeles Chargers team is going to be under plenty of construction, thus a tough conversation about offensive playmakers and free agents must happen. First, Jim Harbaugh and Joe Hortiz must tear this team down to the bones, and that starts with ridding themselves of older, expensive, players.

Though some of the listed players are free agents, they are still in contention for a return in 2024, though under this new regime and with the cap issues the Chargers are facing, there are some key weapons that they will be losing in 2024.

3 Fan Favorites The Chargers May Let Go

Former Touchdown Machine – Austin Ekeler

The first that Charger fans are hoping to go, is former fan favorite, Austin Ekeler. Ekeler is a free agent and is extremely likely to test out the market. He is one of the most vocal players about being paid more, as his belief with the running back market is that as a whole, the position is underpaid.

After the Chargers granted Ekeler a raise in 2023, he completely failed to perform. He was coming off two back-to-back 20-touchdown seasons, with plenty of scrimmage yards to show his prowess as an all-around running back. Austin Ekeler’s 2023 season was majorly disappointing, as he averaged 3.5 yards per carry on 179 attempts.

After the near-impossible-to-watch season from Ekeler, many believe he will test free agency and will not return to the Bolts in 2024. General Manager, Joe Hortiz has openly stated that he is a massive fan of compensatory picks, and impending free agent, Austin Ekeler is a prime candidate to start that cycle, likely earning the Bolts a pick in 2025.

50/50 Ball Specialist – Mike Williams

The next Charger that will likely be let go of, is a personal favorite, Mike Williams. Though, he is not a free agent but is a very likely trade/cut candidate in 2024. The Chargers are well known to be plenty over the books, and Williams is an easy cut to save them 20~ million dollars in cap room.

The former first-round selection out of Clemson laid it all on the line, playing through plenty of injuries and contorting his body in ways that are so rarely seen in the NFL. Williams’ skillset as a pass catcher is very rare and extremely valuable. He turns 50/50 balls into 70/30. That being said though, coming off a torn ACL, going into a new offense, a new regime, and a high cap hit are all very likely reasons that he will be moving on from the stream.

YAC Threat – Gerald Everett

Gerald Everett is a free agent in this cycle and is out of the three, the most likely to return. He will not be very expensive for this team and provides a desperately needed value- a tight end who is not abysmal. However, the Chargers have a lot of work to do before they start to think about resigning any of their free agents.

With that being said, it is very likely that Everett will become a free agent, and could land the Chargers, Hortiz’s favorite, a compensatory pick. Everett has provided a solid presence at the tight end position, being a great yards-after-catch threat, as well as a strong chain mover. In 2023, he put a very average year in terms of his career and is likely to be paid anywhere from the 4-7 million dollar APY range.


The Chargers will be facing an offseason full of turnover, these guys will really just be a start for this team to get back on track. The hope is that these key free agents or cut candidates end up giving the team some sort of value. In 2024, look for plenty of different faces around the building.

Main Image: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports


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