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3 Positions the Los Angeles Chargers Should Look to Replace After the Season

The Los Angeles Chargers have significant needs to upgrade their roster for 2024. Let's look at the three most important for next season.

3 Positions the Los Angeles Chargers Should Look to Replace After the Season

Running Back

The first position that comes to mind that the Chargers should replace is running back. Many Justin Herbert haters may bring up Austin Ekeler as the second coming of LaDainian Tomlinson, unfortunately for them, Ekeler has been the complete antithesis of such this season. That combined with Joshua Kelley not getting opportunities to show what he has has led to this Chargers rushing game to fall apart under run-first-minded offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore.

Austin Ekeler had a great week one, then missed three games with an ankle injury and has not looked the same since. Ekeler currently has 3.5 yards per attempt and had a week 12 game against the Patriots where he had 14 attempts for 18 yards. That is unacceptable for any starting running back.

As for Ekeler’s backups, the former fourth-round selection out of UCLA, Joshua Kelley has been much better on limited opportunities. Even though he has been much better than Ekeler, he has not shown anything to become a starter in the NFL, as he averaged four yards per carry. Next in line is Isaiah Spiller, who has been inactive for the majority of the season, and has not done anything since being drafted in 2022.

With all of this said the Chargers should replace these below average to average rushers with a young rusher in the 2024 NFL draft.


Next on the list the Chargers should look to replace, is Center. Unfortunate circumstances arose during the middle of the Chargers season, as they found out the former all-pro center, Corey Linsley was diagnosed with a condition which led him to be placed on injured reserve.

This move thrusted Will Clapp into the starting lineup, and though he has done an honorable job in place of the former Packers’ center, he is still a piece in this offense that needs to be replaced. Clapp struggled to call protections as well as Linsley did, struggled to “look for work” when is not directly rushed against, and is not nearly as good as a pass blocker as Linsley.

Hence, the Chargers should possibly look back to the college where they got their franchise quarterback and select a Center on day two.


Linebacker is another position of need. Kenneth Murray has not worked out in the way that Charger fans wished he did, as he has been a liability since year two. This season, Murray has played himself into a better role, becoming the defensive green dot, and relaying plays to the rest of the team. He has also improved his read time against the run but still lacks the coverage skills that made him a liability. With his contract coming up, it is likely the Chargers will look in another direction.

Another player who may be headed to a different team is free-agent signee, Eric Kendricks. Kendricks has had his ups and downs this season but has been overall solid in his time in the powder blues. That said though, Kendricks is being paid quite a bit and is likely cut after the end of the season.

Daiyan Henley has been in the background waiting for his opportunity, and it may come as soon as next season, being the replacement for one of these linebackers mentioned. That combined with a cheap veteran signing would give this linebacker corp a much stronger outlook in 2024.

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