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Did the Broncos Lose by Winning?

Denver got their first win of the season Week 4. But did the Broncos lose by winning? Fans are confused about how to feel, and they should be.
Broncos Lose

The Denver Broncos began the 2023 season 0-3. And there didn’t seem to be many reasons to try to win further. Really, there were many reasons they should keep losing. But in a battle with the Chicago Bears, another 0-3 team, someone had to win …right? Maybe not, perhaps both teams lost, the Bears on the football field and the Broncos in the NFL Draft. Having the first pick this April will be paramount for teams looking for a quarterback. And now the Broncos are one step further away. Did the Broncos lose by winning? Or is this the week they’ve been waiting for to turn the season around? Fans are confused about how to feel, and they should be.

Week 4 Weirdness: Did the Broncos Lose by Winning?

The Case for YES!

Coming into Week 4, the Broncos and the Bears were both 0-3. And both seemed on a trajectory to draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams. He is widely considered a slam dunk pick, perhaps the next Patrick Mahomes. With both teams off to an embarrassing start, what reason to win one game is there? Might as well keep losing and have the #1 overall pick in the 2024 Draft, take Williams, and ride off into the sunset as pre-champions.

Well, Denver had other plans, after they went down 3-28 and it looked like they were just as bad as fans thought they were. The Broncos mounted a comeback to win the game, but did the Broncos lose by winning? They now are a step behind from drafting the best prospect since Andrew Luck, and that’s a loss in any book. Maybe the Broncos franchise was the real loser of this game.

The Case for NO!

But while some might think that the answer to the question “did the Broncos lose by winning” is yes, others disagree. Denver just got its first win of the season, after an utterly unbelievable loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 3. Turning around the team after something so embarrassing is no small feat, and head coach Sean Payton just picked up his first victory.

Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph wasn’t fired, Russell Wilson played well, and ultimately the Broncos won the game. How could that possibly be bad? This could be the turning point of the whole season, especially with the New York Jets coming up next. Playing the Jets is a winnable game this season, as they are without quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Is this the moment that the Broncos switch gears? It very well could be.

Did the Broncos Win the Battle But Lose the War?

Well, it’s unclear whether or not Denver fans should be happy or sad. Denver just won their first game of the season. But did the Broncos lose in the long run? The answer might be “maybe.” However, it’s simply not clear at this point. Yes, they are now a game behind drafting Caleb Williams. No, the season isn’t over, far from it. But what does the future hold? Only Denver’s players and coaches can answer that question. And it all depends on what happens on the field in Weeks 5-18. Whether the Broncos are losers or winners this year is currently a mystery, and only time will tell. Whether or not fans can be patient that long is another question.

Main Photo: Jamie Sabau – USA Today Sports


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