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An Utterly Unbelievable Record Almost Set in Blowout Loss

Week 3 vs the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos almost set an utterly unbelievable record. It's embarrassing how close they actually were.
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In their Week 3 matchup versus the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos almost set an utterly unbelievable record. How close they came is embarrassing enough. Had they actually set it, heads might have rolled. For the Broncos, the season really is over before it barely had a chance to begin. But that didn’t stop them from embarrassing their fans even more, with a performance that will live in infamy. In what quickly became a had-to-see-it-to-believe-it moment, the Broncos lost so badly that they almost set a record no team wants to be associated with. That they barely avoided that feat is hardly a consolation.

The Denver Broncos Almost Set an Utterly Unbelievable Record

The Moment

On September 24th, 2023, the Denver Broncos faced the Miami Dolphins in a game that was decided before it began. Entering the week, the Broncos were 0-3 and the Dolphins were 3-0. Denver’s season was derailed almost immediately by two awful losses, while Miami seemed to be headed to the Super Bowl. But although the outcome of the game was never in doubt, the way in which it ended shocked the football world. Leading 13-35 at halftime, the Dolphins had the win already wrapped up. What happened next is almost history. Miami scored 35 more points in the second half, beating Denver 20-70, and almost setting an NFL record. The record for most points scored in a game by one team is 72, and 73 for a playoff game. Only head coach Mike McDaniel’s decision not to kick a pointless field goal saved the Broncos from entering the record books.

The Aftermath

Getting beat 20-70 and almost setting an utterly unbelievable record could not have been on Denver’s to-do list this week. Entering the season, the Broncos defense was primed to be one of the best in the league. After three games, it is historically bad, and fans are looking to point fingers. The obvious candidate for blame is defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. Head coach Sean Payton hired him to send this defense into the NFL’s upper ranks. So far, Denver’s defense has allowed 17 points, then 35 points, then 70 points, getting worse with each week that goes by. After almost allowing an utterly unbelievable record to be set, the Broncos defensive unit is a league joke. If someone needs to be fired for it, that someone is Vance Joseph. Denver needs to make some sort of move. The moment more than calls for it.

The Future

Unfortunately, the present is grim for the Denver Broncos, after almost setting an utterly unbelievable record. They were 3 points away from allowing the most points scored in an NFL game. That sort of play is what gets people fired. And while firings may occur, that won’t fix all problems. However, the future may be a bit brighter. Surprisingly, Denver finds itself in the driver’s seat for the number one pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. While that isn’t usually a place any team wants to be, this year could be different. Because, interestingly enough, this could be the year that USC quarterback Caleb Williams declares for the draft. All struggling teams, including the Broncos, should have their eyes on Williams, who is a slam dunk and could change the future.

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