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Why the Season is Over for the Denver Broncos

Broncos Keep Losing

And just like that, 2023 is ruined before it barely started. For the Denver Broncos, all hope just went out the window with their second straight loss to open the season. There is no chance to come back from this devastating beginning, and no reason to even try. What started as an exciting trade somewhat over two years ago has turned into a nightmare that fans can’t wake up from. And if these two losses have taught them anything, it’s that Denver fanatics have no reason to look to the future. Here’s why the season is over for the Broncos, and why there’s no coming back.

Why the Denver Broncos Are On to the 2024 Season


Week 1, the Broncos found impressive new ways to lose. They lost to the Las Vegas Raiders 17-16, at home and versus a bitter rival. It seemed that the Sean Payton era would be similar to the Nathanial Hackett era; poor. But that disastrous beginning was only a taste of what was to come.

The Broncos only had six drives, missed a field goal and an extra point, played poorly on defense, and failed to close when it mattered most. But their Week 2 matchup hurt fans even worse. Balanced between being hopeless and having high hopes, the Broncos needed to prove themselves in their second home game. And yet, even though it mattered much more than any Week 2 game should, they failed again. This time in embarrassing fashion.

With the Broncos leading the Washington Commaders 3-21, the game seemed well in hand. However, the Commanders went on a 32-6 run before a last-second Hail Mary gave Denver one last sliver of false hope. In an early must-win game, Denver not only came up short but showed themselves as a team that finds a way to lose, a team unable to win.


And here’s why the Denver Broncos season is over already – it only gets harder from here. These first two games are the “easy” games for the Broncos, this is their best chance to win, and they blew that opportunity so badly that they will not recover. Taking a look at the Broncos schedule, it’s obvious where many more losses are coming from.

At Miami, at Kansas City, at Buffalo, at Detroit, and at Las Vegas are all almost definite losses. Home vs Green Bay, home vs Kansas City, and home vs Minnesota are all almost definite losses as well. Combined, and including an 0-2 start, that’s already 10 losses. Conceivably, a 7-10 record is the best the Broncos can possibly do this year, and another losing season is not what fans were preparing for.

What’s more, with the way Denver is playing, their record could be far, far worse. While a terrible record could put them in line to draft quarterback Caleb Williams from USC, that is not the fate most envisioned when the Broncos traded for quarterback Russell Wilson, nor when they traded for head coach Sean Payton.

Why The Season is Over for the Denver Broncos

It started with a ridiculously inept performance and far too few points. It continued with an epic meltdown in a game that started with promise. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess, but after an 0-2 start, no one should put their money on a historic comeback.

The Broncos will most certainly finish the season below .500. They will most certainly have a high draft pick. And they ought to draft Caleb Williams if the opportunity presents itself. For Denver, a complete overhaul is about to be necessary, after they made so many big changes so recently. Russell Wilson has proved to be a mistake, Sean Payton may be also, and next year’s team will look completely different, or at least it ought to. Denver is an embarrassment, and their season is already over.

Main Photo: Isaiah Downing – USA Today Sports


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