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Denver Broncos Week 2: Hopeless or High Hopes?

Is the season over before it begins? Is the road ahead hopeless? Or is it possible that the Denver Broncos Week 2 might be a rapid restart?

In Week 1, the Denver Broncos found impressive new ways to lose. For the Denver Broncos Week 2 game, they hope to change that. But that is easier said than done. Not only does Denver exhibit major problems, but it seems like nothing has changed from last year. Their 17-16 loss at home to the Las Vegas Raiders gave some fans the same sinking feeling of failure they grew accustomed to in 2022. But is it really that hopeless, or is it possible to get the team on the right track? Week 2 might just provide that answer, one way or another, and it might just be the week that decides the season.

Hopeless or High Hopes: Denver Broncos Week 2

The Good

The Broncos lost to the Raiders in Week 1, but that doesn’t mean that everything went wrong. There are many positives to hold onto as the team prepares for Week 2 versus the Washington Commanders. One of these was the offensive line, which protected quarterback Russell Wilson well. The entire offense as a whole played solid, with two touchdowns, two field goal attempts, and only two punts. The problem is that the offense had only six total possessions, which resulted in too few points to win. If a win is possible for the Denver Broncos in Week 2, they must score more, period.

The Bad

The Denver defense is primed to have a tremendous season, they are ready to win now. But that doesn’t mean they played perfectly. Or, more specifically, that doesn’t mean they were coached perfectly. Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph chose not to blitz Las Vegas quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and that proved fatal. The Broncos were able to stop running back Josh Jacobs and keep big plays in check. But they were not able to generate any pressure, allowing Garoppolo to take the Raiders on long, sustained drives. This led to Denver having few offensive drives. The Broncos must pass rush better and more frequently in Week 2 if they want to beat the Commanders.

The Ugly

The worst part about the Broncos Week 1 game was its special teams. Not only did coach Sean Payton open the game with an unsuccessful onside kick, but kicker Wil Lutz missed both a field goal and an extra point. Those four points were devastating for the Broncos, as they lost the game by only one point. Special teams must improve for the Denver Broncos Week 2 if they want to be competitive. Either Lutz must improve his accuracy or perhaps Denver needs to search for a new kicker. Leaving points on the field leads to losses, as exhibited in Week 1.

Denver Broncos Week 2: Turn It Around

Is it hopeless for the Broncos already, only one week in? Or is it possible that they turn things around? Week 2 will decide because there is no time later in the season to start the road to recovery, it must happen now. However, fans do have some hope that Denver can fix its problems, and quickly. Sean Payton’s offense takes time to understand, and with injuries to their receiving corps, the Broncos have been slow to get there. More points could be coming, and soon, as the offense already played well, they only need to take it to the next level. Denver’s defense is a strength, not a liability, and with more blitz packages they could haunt the dreams of opposing quarterbacks. Look for Joseph to dial up plenty more blitzing defensive plays this week. And if Lutz can kick straight for his new team, the Commanders are a team that can be beaten. They have a young quarterback, the Broncos are playing at home, and Week 2 versus Washington is the time to show that nothing is hopeless.

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