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Broncos Roster Set but the Receiving Corps is IN-COM-PLETE!

The Denver Broncos roster is set, but where are all the wide receivers? Can this team win with this thin a receiving corps?
Broncos Receiver

The Denver Broncos roster is set. 53 players hold 53 slots, and the regular season is upon us. But this roster is incomplete, especially its receiving corps. The Broncos run the ball, head coach Sean Payton values the rush, and the whole league knows this. But while the Broncos run-first offense is a secret weapon in plain sight, the passing game lags behind. How can it improve with only four receivers on the roster? Has coach Payton taken his desire to run the ball too far?

IN-COM-PLETE! Broncos Roster Set but Receiving Corps Unfinished

Current Roster

Denver has four wide receivers on its roster: Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Marvin Mims, and Brandon Johnson. That is it. With Tim Patrick & K.J. Hamler injured, this is a team that is left extremely thin at the position. But instead of bolstering the wide receiving corps, Denver cut its other wideouts, making this among the most shallow groups in the entire NFL. In addition, Jeudy is hurt and may miss the first week or two of the regular season. If he does, there is no one to step into his place but rookie receiver Marvin Mims. Who steps into Mims’ spot is anyone’s guess.

Practice Squad

The Broncos roster set? No, not quite, at least not fully. Because, while the receiving corps is shallow, Denver does have reserves waiting in the wings. The practice squad contains four more receivers, each of whom can be called up at any time. Although, they must replace another player, with an injury, a waiver, or demotion. So the practice squad has Denver’s reserve wideouts: Phillip Dorsett, Michael Bandy, Lil’Jordan Humphrey, and David Sills. Not household names, but competent players who can come up as needed. Still, not the strongest group in the league.

Run to Throw

This weak spot on the roster makes fans wonder why it hasn’t been improved. Could it still be? Coach Payton could sign more players, but he could also be signaling that the team will lean elsewhere. First, the tight-end group is very solid: Adam Trautman, Greg Dulcich, Chris Manhertz, Nate Adkins, and newly acquired Lucas Krull. Second, this could simply indicate what we all know; Denver is going to run the ball first, second, third, constantly. This devotion to the run game isn’t surprising, but the relative weakness of the receiving game is.

Broncos Roster Set but Unfinished

Although the Denver Broncos Roster may be set, it seems to be unfinished. K.J. Hamler may return from his medical condition. Jerry Jeudy may be able to play Week 1 vs the Las Vegas Raiders. The tight end corps will definitely be stepping up as receivers, and the running backs will undoubtedly be the focal point of the game plan. Javonte Williams will be thrust into action earlier than he hopes because of the lack of receiver depth. Denver’s receiving corps may look unfinished, but fans are hoping that this is all part of the scheme to head back to the playoffs. Otherwise, everyone is very confused.

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