What Buffalo Bills Can Expect From Elite Tight End Prospect

Dalton Kincaid Bills

The Buffalo Bills traded up in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft to select tight end Dalton Kincaid. This trade shows that the team desperately wanted the Utah product, so could the rookie be the final piece needed to give Buffalo their long-awaited Super Bowl trophy?

What the Buffalo Bills Can Expect From Dalton Kincaid

Dalton Kincaid the Prospect

Tight ends that can make a genuine difference in the passing game are hard to find, but now the Bills have one of them. Dalton Kincaid has the build of a tight end but moves with the fluidity and natural grace of a wide receiver. He can get open against linebackers and safeties alike, and even has some success when flexing out into the slot and out wide against cornerbacks.

Kincaid can get into his route with the best of them, and he’ll haul in anything thrown in his zip code. The 6′-4″ tight end boasts an insane catch radius, and his hands are probably the best of anyones at the position. As if that wasn’t enough, he also boasts the speed to be a dangerous threat after the catch.

Kincaid biggest weakness as a player is his underwhelming blocking ability. As a tight end, part of his job will include matching up against edge defenders and clearing running lanes, and he probably won’t thrive in this role. While this obviously isn’t ideal, there is a silver lining here. The fact the Bills chose Kincaid over a more well-rounded prospect like Michael Mayer shows that this team values the passing attack, and that’s crucial to winning a championship. The days of balanced football winning games are long gone – if you want to hoist the Lombardi, you better be able to throw the ball well, and Dalton Kincaid makes that task considerably easier for the Bills.

Scheme Fit

The Buffalo Bills already have a solid tight end in Dawson Knox, but the rest of the depth chart leaves a lot to be desired. The Bills ranked dead last in 12 personnel usage last year (one running back and two tight ends on the field), and that’s sure to change with Dalton Kincaid on the roster.

This also provides Josh Allen with a much-needed second option in the passing game. Tight ends typically need a season or two to adjust to life in the NFL, so he might not be able to contribute right away, but once he does, he should provide yet another dynamic outlet for this offense.

Perhaps he could even be Buffalo’s future top option in the passing attack. Stefon Diggs is not getting any younger, and he might only have another season or two of elite play left in his tank. Ideally, Kincaid and Diggs can both be dangerous weapons at the same time, but even if age catches up to Diggs, Kincaid’s presence shows that this offense won’t lack firepower any time soon. With Diggs, Dalton Kincaid, Knox, and Gabriel Davis all catching passes from Josh Allen, the Bills should have one of the best offenses in football.