Chargers Select Dynamic Playmaker In NFL Mock Draft

Chargers Mock Draft

As expected, the Los Angeles Chargers were largely quiet in free agency, which means that a lot of their team building will happen via the 2023 NFL Draft. In his latest mock draft, Mike Kushaba predicted that the Chargers will select wide receiver Quentin Johnston.

Chargers Select Quentin Johnston in 2023 NFL Mock Draft

Quentin Johnston The Player

Based on physical appearance alone, Quentin Johnston looks like he was made in a lab to play wide receiver. Measuring in at 6’-3” and 208 pounds, Johnston has the size and speed required to line up wide and win against NFL cornerbacks. He’s not a Calvin Johnson, once-in-a-lifetime, type of athlete, but it’s clear that his physical gifts are special, even relative to NFL-caliber players.

Johnston is more than just an athletic specimen, as his tape shows that he’s already able to run routes at a proficient level and make things happen after the catch. His lateral agility and ability to start and stop on a dime is impressive for a player his size and should help him gain separation on outside routes and break tackles after the catch.

In terms of actual production, Johnston has already proved he can be a focal point of a passing attack. During his time in college, the wideout made an impact every single year of his career and finished the 2022 season with 60 receptions for 1,067 yards and six touchdowns.

Quentin Johnston is a worthy first-round pick, but there’s a reason the Chargers made him the third receiver off the board in this mock draft. Despite his size, Johnston doesn’t win in contested situations as often as you’d expect. He has plenty of muscle, he just needs to learn how to use it. Additionally, he drops more passes than you’d like to see. Fortunately, both of these issues should be fixable with the proper coaching.

How He Fits the Chargers

The Chargers have two great receivers in Mike Williams and Keenan Allen, but they need a third option. With Allen getting up there in age and Williams’ naturally violent style of play, it’s safe to assume that at least one of those guys will miss a few games this year.

Quentin Johnston will provide some much-needed depth for this team. When everyone is healthy, Johnston will line up opposite Williams in three-receiver sets, with Keenan Allen moving to the slot. This will give Justin Herbert three reliable downfield threats on every single play which, in theory, should give them all the firepower they need to go blow-for-blow with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Looking down the road, the Chargers need to start thinking about life without Keenan Allen. With defenses getting smaller and faster by the year, Williams and Johnston have the potential to be one of the more dangerous wide receiver duos in football. Both guys have the size needed to constantly overpower smaller defensive backs (although Johnston admittedly needs some coaching here) and are good enough route runners to get open against average cornerbacks. Basically, if Johnston plays up to his potential, these two could be a modern day version of Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd.

Main Photo: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports