Jameis Winston is now on the Clock

Jameis Winston Clock

Life is not always fair. Ask any fan of the New Orleans Saints about the last five years and be ready to get an earful. But make no mistake, Sean Payton is not walking through that door. Drew Brees is not making “One Last Dance” either. This here team in 2022 is more like a sailboat versus a high octane Al Copeland speed boat. In other words, this team is sailing with the guide of the wind, with no captain as of yet to steady the ship. Be that as it may, when the boat starts to drift out in stormy water, two people usually feel the smattering of waves of edginess. People want someone to blame, and if the Saints do not get to smoother waters sooner versus later — the naysayers will pop up louder and louder.

Jamies Winston’s Clock is Ticking Down

That being said, the two people are new to the ship. Dennis Allen is in his second stint as head coach but this is New Orleans. More on that later. Jameis Winston is also on his second stint as a starting quarterback. But again, this is New Orleans. And fair or not, fans have endured disappointing playoff losses recently,  but the Saints are no longer the hapless organization of decades past.

Who Dat Nation expects a lot. As well as they should. Not to mention, the Saints have crossed parish lines into other countries. Generally speaking, the Saints are a very respected, well run organization. There is Saints envy everywhere. And now is the point where the Jameis Winston story begins.

There is no chapter three unless this chapter ends with progress. Moreover, the game of football can be brutal to many, heart breaking to some and charitable to quarterbacks like  Chase Daniel. He has made millions over a long career without having the pressure of performing on a specific performance plan week to week. On the contrary, Winston’s time is now or never.

Starting this Sunday, Winston’s time is now to shine. He is injured and pundits doubt his ability to execute. Saints fans are not interested in excuses. Who Dat Nation wants wins. Hall of Famer Drew Brees has also spoiled New Orleans Saints fans. Winston is no Drew Brees, but rare is the quarterback who matches Brees’ longevity and talent.

Offense Stuck in Park

The offense was supposed to be better this year with additions of rookie wide receiver Chris Olave and veteran Jarvis Landry. It’s early. Again, the first weeks is a with a 1-1 record.

However, the small sample size is all the statistics compiled so far. His quarterback rating stands at 21st at 81.2 just above Davis Mills and Marcus Mariota. And more importantly, the three touchdowns against three interceptions is awfully concerning.

If that trend continues, Winston would finish with 26 of both. That is a bit too close to the 30 for 30 year in 2019 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The one positive is his completion percentage just under 65%. That would be a career high if continued.

Offensive Line Atrocious Heading into Sunday

Ultimately, this team’s lackluster start is not just on Winston. He’s been sacked 10 times already. In 12 games in 2020, Drew Brew got sacked 13 times for the season. This is dangerous. And those hits are already affecting Winston with a broken back.

Still, Sunday is the only game that matters. With the defense playing at a high level overall, it’s time to really observe Winston. He will have to adapt quickly. One more loss and the fans will be yelling for Andy Dalton. And make no mistake, Dalton is no Joe Montana either. He is a formidable backup but he’s in that role for a reason.

The coaches are expected to put Winston in better situations; chiefly shorter passes, so Winston does not get killed, and running the ball more. Receivers have to help Winston by getting open. And no more turnovers by anyone.

The next four weeks is critical for the 2022 Saints. Critical for Winston. It’s critical for the tone going into the hardest stretch of the schedule. The clock is ticking…