New Orleans Saints Fans Find Ways to Pass Time Over the Summer

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New Orleans Saints Fans Find Ways to Pass Time Over the Summer

There is no place like New Orleans. Tourists come and go to the city to live out their desire to let loose. Defining “let loose” is relative to each person. For some, eating fried food and waking up to bottomless mimosas is the fix only found in the Big Easy. Others look to escape into the realms of a fanciful adventure staying out all night without the thought of working the 9-5. On the other hand, the city does have permanent residents all year round. Even when the New Orleans Saints aren’t playing. Saints fans find a way to pass time.

The prime-time games on the television show a small snippet of fans wearing outlandish costumes, dancing grandmas, and screaming fans. So what happens when the cameras are off. Or at the end of the season — people on the outside peeking in seeing images of intoxicating utopia — from fans to the gulf coast to overseas.

The real question is what happens after the season is over. The heart and soul of the city exist beyond the constraints of Poydras Street. Characters exist in the city of New Orleans, but most don’t don a full-body costume seven days a week.

Still, there is truth to the absolute idol worship of the black and gold for most of the year. So what happens in the Summer? Saints fans have lives outside of the football season. Usually…

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Generation Extra Traveler

This is a broad stroke to paint because traveling can mean different things for locals. A trip from Luling to the French Quarter could count as a trip. But not so much if you Uber from Metairie to Lakeview. Lakeview is technically New Orleans but a small veer off your walking path from say Bucktown could easily place a person in New Orleans. Confusing…ABSOLUTELY!

Regardless, the summer traveler is one who moves beyond the neighbor’s house. Searching for the next best drive-thru daiquiri establishment. Also, a day trip to the casinos is no doubt a break from reality versus waiting at home for preseason.

The Non-Stop Talking Professional Fan

One doesn’t have to travel far to find one of these. Honestly, there is usually at least one or two in your own family to never stop yapping regardless of the time of the year. The professional fan exudes the all-knowing encyclopedia of useless knowledge of any game — from the birth of the team to the current day. The yearling doesn’t discriminate on age or zip code. No, the professional fan exists across party lines to give all the reasons that he or she should be the head coach of the team.

In New Orleans, the percentage existing roaming around training camp exhausts your wits of a full breakdown of every game — even though it’s the middle of an offseason. Even the seasoned NFL reporters are breaking for the beach. But that’s not an option for the executive professional of all fans. This Saints fan is a lifestyle. Usually, there is little time for anything else. And Saints fans are more educated on their team than most.

The Relentless Pursuit of Hobbies

Instead of getting away or watching ESPN all day and night — this breed is one of many talents. PickleBall, Yoga, Cross-Stitch, etc. There is no time to be still. If you’re lucky enough to enter one of these dwellings, the insides simulate a Dave and Buster’s. Every single game or object is an obsession. There is proof too including, awards for third place in the 2021 Kenner PickleBall Classic, to the very first painting signed by no other than the Louisiana Da Vinci himself.

Be ready to be bribed to join at least one of the talent shows. Free lessons included.

The fans of the New Orleans Saints come in all sizes and shapes. Nothing compares to the black and gold faithful.

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