Examining the Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Situation Following Minicamp

Seahawks Quarterback Minicamp

The race for the starting quarterback position continues after a tough minicamp for the Seattle Seahawks. Veteran quarterback Geno Smith, former Denver BroncosDrew Lock, and fourth-year veteran Jacob Eason are taking part in the mandatory minicamp to see who will be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks in the 2022 NFL Season starts. Whoever is going to be the week one starter for the Seahawks will have big shoes to fill after the team traded nine-time Pro-Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos on March 16th.

The Seahawks fans believe the team is reloading for the future, but the team believes they can compete now. Smith has often been in the headlines and shown as one of the new faces of the post-Wilson Seahawks. Many believe the job is Smith’s job to lose, but there are still three months until Week One at home against the Broncos kick-off to decide that.

Examining the Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Situation Following Minicamp

Is it Geno Smith’s Job to Lose?

Seattle re-signed Smith to a one-year, $3.5 million contract after spending the previous three seasons as a backup to Wilson. Smith only played one game during the 2019 and 2020 seasons with Seattle. This past season, Wilson went down with a broken finger in Seattle’s Week Five loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Smith was good under center in four games and three starts for the Seahawks as he completed 65-of-95 for 702 yards, five touchdowns, and one interception. He also rushed for 42 yards and a touchdown on 42 carries. Smith was sacked 13 times, which is also a testament to the incredibly underwhelming offensive line. This was the most Smith had played since his first two years with the New York Jets in 2013 and 2014. Smith was brought back because he has the most knowledge of the Seahawks’ offense under offensive coordinator Shane Waldron.

The social media of the Seahawks highlighted Smith significantly throughout the off-season. He has also led the first-team offense in mini-camp. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says that Smith is the quarterback that is ahead of Lock and Eason due to experience. Smith is also optimistic about the Seahawks’ ability to contend and win games. In Thursday’s practice, Smith said in his press conference, “I do believe that we have a championship-caliber team.” Smith has not been this open since arriving in the league, as this is the best shot he has gotten the chance to be a starter since his second season with the Jets. With Smith, he has attributes of Jared Goff, a quarterback coach Waldron has worked with. Smith has the decision-making process, quick release, and systematic understanding of the defense similar to Goff. This alone could give Smith the full edge over Lock.

Don’t Underestimate Drew Lock

When Lock was traded to the Seahawks in a package deal of the Russell Wilson trade to Denver, it was presumed that Lock would be the new starter or, at least, contend for starting quarterback. Lock has shown he has a long way to go to become the main leader for Seattle. He had some good moments with the Broncos but had more problems than success in his three years in the league. In his three seasons in the league, Lock played 24 games while starting in 21. He has a completion ratio of 421-of-710 for 4,740 yards, 25 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 79.3. Now, Lock has a chance to rebrand his image by winning the starting job for Seattle.

He has not been a player that has dealt with pressure and quarterback competitions well, but he came into Seattle with a new mindset. Lock knows he has a disadvantage in the quarterback competition due to Smith’s experience with the Seahawks’ offense and in the league overall. He has a chance to show his composure throughout the off-season. Carroll has praised Lock’s ability to challenge Smith and led the offense when inserted. Lock possesses tremendous arm strength, durability, and the athletic ability to extend the play. He will have the remainder of the off-season to continue his separation from Smith and Eason in the quarterback competition.

Is Baker Mayfield a Legitimate Target for Seattle?

The Seahawks continue showing interest in current Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Even with the uncertainty of Deshaun Watson and his future, Mayfield remains unwilling to play another down for the Browns. The team is asking for too much by trading Mayfield. His contract, however, guarantees nearly $19 million. Either Mayfield must agree to take a pay cut to be released or traded, or the Browns need to bite the bullet by releasing the vocal and disgruntled key player.

Seattle could be waiting for Cleveland to decide on Mayfield as he could be a player who could help them win now. Mayfield had a disappointing performance last season as he suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder. That injury affected his play and mentality throughout the season. Mayfield is a more talented and explosive quarterback than both Smith and Lock. There are three options at quarterback for the Seahawks: trust in veteran Geno Smith, believe in the upside of Drew Lock, or make a move for Baker Mayfield. 

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