Veteran Free Agent Quarterbacks May Be Best for Denver Broncos

It no longer comes as a surprise that the Denver Broncos are stuck in their perpetual search for a quarterback. This year, the one big difference is the type of quarterback. Talks of drafting a signal caller are not as rampant as in the years before. However, there have been suggestions that the Broncos should look at veteran quarterbacks as starters or primary backups.

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Veteran Free Agent Quarterbacks Could Be the Answer for Denver Broncos

It seems that the majority of Broncos Country feel that Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater should not be starting for the team. A few are convinced that the Broncos will trade for Aaron Rodgers. It is far from guaranteed. The team must prepare for any eventuality. It would make sense to sign a high-quality free agent veteran backup, no matter if the starter is a veteran or a fresh face from the Draft. Consider it a “one-year bridge”, as suggested by Lou Scataglia of Predominantly Orange.

Narrowing Down the Choices

There are several notable veteran free-agent quarterbacks available for trade. These guys would be in the high-quality backup or low-end starter category. The most notable are Bridgewater, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mitchell Trubisky, Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Tyrod Taylor, Marcus Mariota, and Joe Flacco. All these players have started at some point in their careers.

Flacco’s time in Denver was insignificant – he is obviously off the list, as is Bridgewater. Due to age or injury, Fitzpatrick and Newton would also be scratched off the list. Dalton’s performance the last two seasons is evidence that he is nowhere near elite. Meanwhile, Taylor was once a decent starter for the Buffalo Bills, but Denver’s receiving corps has particular capabilities. A prosaic passer like Taylor would not be ideal. Winston had a fantastic start to the 2021 season before tearing his ACL. He could have been given a chance despite that. He has a turnover issue though, so Denver would have to eliminate him from their list.

Trubisky or Mariota Would Fit In With an Energized Offense

Trubisky has shown traits worth developing even though he hasn’t been perfect the last few years. His best season was in 2018 when he threw 24 touchdown passes and ran for over 400 yards with three touchdowns. His athletic and physical traits may be worth taking on as a revival project. He would be particularly suitable if Denver somehow decides to go down the Draft route.

Since Tannehill took Mariota’s job with the Tennessee Titans, the latter has had a couple of years to develop and lift his value with the Las Vegas Raiders. Given limited opportunities, he still displayed some gifts. His speed and arm talent are quite outstanding, and his legs move well. His strongest season came in 2016, where he had 26 passing touchdowns and only nine interceptions along with three rushing touchdowns.

The offensive situation is predicted to improve with Nathaniel Hackett at Denver’s helm. The Broncos need new life injected into their offense and Hackett is capable of bringing it. With a revitalized offense, veterans who have performed strongly in the past, like Trubisky and Mariota, could really thrive.

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