Players the Denver Broncos May Consider Trading for Star Quarterback

The Denver Broncos are set to have an action-packed off-season, and there are several players they may consider trading away. The trades this off-season will likely be made with one goal in mind.

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Players the Denver Broncos May Consider Trading for Quarterback

It’s anyone’s guess, but one could assume most of the trades will be made in the context of securing a top quarterback. As mentioned by Sayre Bedinger of Predominantly Orange, George Paton said he would be “in on every deal” relating to trades. The general manager has so far kept his word. According to Bedinger, the Broncos don’t look like they are rebuilding, reloading or selling off players for draft picks. There are some players who could be moved away as part of a package for a high-performing quarterback.

Malik Reed– Linebacker/Edge

There’s been a huge overhaul of the defensive coaching staff. Some players may not fit into whatever new scheme they have planned. One such player is Malik Reed, who is slated to become a restricted free agent in the 2022 off-season. He would be one player up for a trade without a quarterback coming to Denver in return. While the Broncos likely value Reed at a second-round tender level, it is possible that Paton would snatch up the right offer if it was put in front of him.

 Bradley Chubb – Outside Linebacker/Edge

Many fans have labeled Bradley Chubb a ‘bust’, but that hardly seems fair. His rookie season in 2018 was one for the books, but Chubb’s ACL tear in 2019 was the start of bad things to come. He was unable to play a full season in 2020 and missed a significant portion of 2021 due to an ankle injury.

Paton refers to Chubb as a core player. He gave that label to the likes of Courtland Sutton, Shelby Harris, and Justin Simmons. They all received long-term contract extensions. If Chubb has a major comeback in 2022, perhaps he will get an extension too. However, some teams could actually ask for Chubb because pass rushers with his experience cost more than his current price.

 Noah Fant – Tight End

In order for the Broncos to acquire a star quarterback, they would have to entice teams with known assets. Noah Fant is one of the better tight ends in the league and one of the Broncos most valuable players with his skill and production. He could easily be the desired piece for many teams. It will be difficult to let him go, so the player Denver gets in return for him will need to be someone exceptional.

 Jerry Jeudy – Wide Receiver

Only under the right circumstances would the Broncos trade Jerry Jeudy. Those circumstances would include say, Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, maybe even Davante Adams. Some experts have suggested KJ Hamler as a trade option, but he is coming off an injury and Jeudy has an additional year of team control on his rookie contract. It’s easy math to figure out which receiver a team would want in a significant quarterback deal.

Remember that while these are potential trades, they are for now hypothetical. No one is agreeing or disagreeing with them. However, the organization will be determined to do everything they can to right their wrongs in the hope that they will finally make the playoffs once again. Anything can happen.

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