NFL Divisional Round: Keys to the game for the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills

The NFL Divisional Round on Sunday features the game of the weekend. The rematch from the AFC Championship a year ago gets a do-over a year later. This time, the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills face off in the NFL Divisional Round. This game is about who gets to the AFC Championship. Moreover, there is a chance for both teams to host the game if the Cincinnati Bengals upset the Tennessee Titans.

Keys to the Game for the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills

Either way, this rematch in the playoffs means so much to each team in its own way. For the Chiefs, a win cements the continuance of AFC dominance. This would make four straight AFC Championship appearances. That is no doubt a start of a dynasty at least on the AFC side. Also, getting a chance at another Super Bowl puts the Chiefs in another category. Patrick Mahomes, while still young is closing in on legacy status before 30 years old. Winning another Super Bowl means he’s the king for now and the near future.

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For the Bills, this win gives them a rare opportunity to make a change to the new guard. And their fanbase would love to finally get the elusive Lombardi Trophy that eluded them in the 1990s under Marv Levy and Jim Kelly. Make no mistake, this team is hungry. Hungry for the city of Buffalo. Hungry for a winner. The Bills Mafia is salivating at the chance of being the last team standing. Now for the keys to the game.

Chiefs Rebranded to Rebound

The Chiefs are playing the Bills for the second time this season. The Bills pummeled the Chiefs 38-20 earlier in the year. Go ahead and throw that game out. The Chiefs are now the favorite. Until some other team knocks them out, Chiefs Kingdom should be confident. Still, this game will be tough.

First, the Chiefs have to get off to a fast start. A slow start this time around could be lethal. The Bills possess firepower unmatched by any other team in the NFL. The Chiefs need to be prepared in the first quarter.

Furthermore, the Chiefs defense better have a spy on Josh Allen at all times. Allen is a freak of nature and a rare physical specimen at quarterback. Letting him run around and make plays is sure to cause all kinds of breakdowns downfield, can’t happen.

Turnovers equal a loss. If the Chiefs turn the ball over more than twice expect a defeat. It’s critical the Chiefs win the turnover battle. Finally, Chiefs Kingdom needs to bring the boom. In other words, have the voice fully rested before Sunday night’s game. Every single series matters in this game.

Bills Primed to Be the next AFC Big Brother

On the other side, the Bills need to get running back Devin Singletary going early on. Running the ball effectively keeps Mahomes off the field. Not to mention, setting a tone for them early.

The secondary has to play lights out with fortitude. Hitting hard and swarming to the ball. Being stingy takes a toll on any offense. The Bills defense is known for its physicality. They’ll want to bring the lumber yet at the same time, communicating clearly to lessen mistakes.

Special teams may be the difference in this game. The emphasis on this part of the game is usually not talked about often enough. One missed tackle or missed field goal could be enough to sway the game. Moreover, making sure to cover punts and keeping the Chiefs backed up is important.

Lastly, the Bills need to stay present. Don’t get too ahead of the game itself. Regardless of what the score is. There is much to be concerned about but worrying about how to do it is wasteful. Look for an instant classic on Sunday.

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