The Case for Doug Pederson to be the Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach

Doug Pederson
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Doug Pederson has spent the past 11 months out of football. Although he was fired from his last job, the Jacksonville Jaguars should have him at the top of their list to replace Urban Meyer as head coach. Pederson is a Super Bowl winning head coach and a former quarterback. Many analysts and fans alike believe the Jaguars would do well to hire someone with previous head coaching experience. If so, Shad Khan should pick up the phone at any moment and interview the former Philadelphia Eagles head coach. Since he is not currently coaching, there are no restrictions on when he can interview. The time is now for Khan to get a head start on his next head coach.

The Case for Doug Pederson to be the Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach

Pederson has Experience as a Head Coach in the NFL

Many believe that Jacksonville should hire a previous head coach to lead the Jaguars into the future. Frankly, it’s not hard to tell why. The Jaguars are 41-117 under the ownership of Khan. He recently passed the 10-year mark with the team. Though Khan has a lot of plans to improve the city of Jacksonville, he does not have a winning football team yet. Perhaps Pederson could change that.

Pederson has been out of football for almost a year since his dismissal from the Eagles. He has had some time away from the game and that might be a good thing. Time to reflect on what went wrong, what went right, and how he can be successful in the future. Pederson’s head coaching record is 42-37-1 in the regular season. He also owns a postseason record of 4-2, winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles and Nick Foles in 2017. In an NFL landscape full of hot young coordinators, Pederson stands out with a proven track record of winning while at the top of an organization.

Pederson is a former Quarterback

For the Jaguars to be successful, someone will need to mentor Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence has not had a great rookie season. However, he still has all the potential in the world. The 22-year-old signal-caller needs to refine his skills. Pederson would be a good candidate to help mold Lawernce into the player he can be.

Pederson was an NFL quarterback from 1991 to 2004. Though he was mainly a backup, Pederson was teammates with the likes of Dan Marino and Brett Favre. Andy Reid was his coach in Philadelphia, and Pederson would later go on to coach under Andy Reid with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2013 to 2015 as an offensive coordinator. Pederson’s experience as a quarterback would be valuable for Lawrence. They would be able to relate to each other. While there are questions surrounding Pederson’s exit from Philly, one thing is for sure: He got a lot out of quarterbacks. Though Carson Wentz regressed, one cannot ignore the play of Foles. Elsewhere, Foles has not had anywhere near the success he had in Philly.

Pederson Reportedly Already has a Staff in Mind

CBS Sports Reporter Jason La Canfora has reported that Pederson has an interest in the Jaguars. La Canfora wrote, “Pederson has already secured assurances from the men who would comprise his staff about their willingness to join him, and Khan may prefer to hire a coach with significant NFL head coaching experience after the Meyer debacle.”

After the Meyer letdown in Jacksonville, the team needs more than a figurehead. Duval needs a head coach to lead the team and hire a staff that can bring a winning culture to Jacksonville. If the report is true, a pre-assembled staff is a good sign. Pederson’s previous coordinators such as Frank Reich and Jim Schwartz have respect in the NFL. The Jaguars are not a college team and need coaches with NFL bona fides. Pederson would bring that to Jacksonville.

Doug Pederson is one of the Best Candidates for the job

Pederson is not without chinks in his armor. Many questions surround the circumstances of his exit from Philly. However, his head coaching experience combined with his past success makes him a top candidate.

Other candidates for the job (reportedly) include Byron Leftwich, Josh McDaniels, Jim Caldwell, Kellen Moore, and even potentially Kevin O’Connell. Most of these names are young offensive coordinators. They may even be good hires. But Pederson has the advantage when it comes to experience over most potential hires.

The coming weeks will reveal Khan’s hand, but you can bet that Pederson should at least get an interview to be the next Jaguars head coach.

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