New York Giants HC Joe Judge’s Fate Comes Down to Wins and Losses

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Head coach Joe Judge has brought a renewed energy to the New York Giants but his immediate fate with the team comes down to wins and losses. His focus on attention to detail helped the franchise battle back to respectability last season. However, all of the momentum gained has been washed away by the Giants rocky start to the 2021 season. And the luster of Judge’s hire has worn off.

The New York Giants Owners Will Decide Joe Judge’s Fate

It is hard to fathom that Judge would be removed from his position after two seasons on the job. Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch may need additional time before stamping any kind of final judgment on Judge’s tenure with the franchise.

Both men will allow a coach to finish what they started without any interference from the front office. Mara and Tisch understand that continually changing head coaches delays the team’s chances of developing into its true potential.

Giants Fans are Restless

The Giants fans are getting restless with the likelihood of another losing season. The franchise has not played a playoff game since the 2016 season. Yes, quick judgment may not be fair to Judge as he was not in charge when the team’s decline began.

The MetLife Stadium boos are pent-up feelings from a fanbase that has witnessed bad football for far too long. Their frustration centers on watching the same mistakes continually being made each week. Giants fans’ patience is running thin. Playing winning football is the only resource to insulate the players and coaching staff from their wrath.

The Giants head coach has taken some heat for the team’s poor play. Judge preaches patience to the Big Blue faithful. And the Giants seem to be on an upward trend in the NFC East standings after going 3-3 in their last six games. But Judge and his players have an uphill climb in getting back to respectability and the good graces with the Giants fanbase.

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Offense and Defense Have Failed to Play to Expectations

The offense is too erratic. The number of injuries suffered by key performers has been a major factor in the unit’s inconsistent play. Many point to the lack of depth on the roster as the reason why the offense could not withstand the number of injuries sustained.

Is it too late for the unit to play up to expectations? No, the return of Saquon Barkley and Kenny Golladay to the starting lineup might be enough to save the day. The play of the offense should look remarkably better in the second half of the season. However, an unexpected misstep could cement the team’s fate.

The TV experts thought the Giants had a quality defense, but the unit has not displayed an ounce of consistency this season. The area of concern centers on the much-herald defensive secondary failure to limit yards after the catch and the lack of a consistent pass rush from the unit’s front seven.

Despite the disappointing play, Judge is hopeful his defense will become a constant for the franchise once again. He has seen improvement as the unit was playing better of late before the bye week. But there is plenty of work to be done before the defense’s early-season struggles are forgotten.

Player Development Could Help Decide Judge’s Fate

Judge’s internal organizational support stems from his success in developing the younger players on the roster. One of the examples is Xavier McKinney, who is fast becoming the star of the Giants secondary.

No question, Judge’s staff is one of the top groups of developmental coaches in the NFL. The hope is McKinney becomes a defensive foundation piece as his role in the unit’s scheme should expand as the season progresses.

McKinney’s success should gain Judge a bigger voice in the draft war room. He has a vision of the type of player needed to contend.

Coaching in the NFL is a results-driven business. Judge understands he will keep his job if the team shows improvement throughout the remainder of the season. He has repaired the damage, but there is still work to be done. Not losing the support of the locker room will be taken into consideration to determine if Judge gets a third year with the franchise. To keep everyone’s optimism high, the Giants must finish the season strong.

Ultimately, team owners will decide the fate of Judge. If Mara and Tisch feel he is doing his job, then Judge will remain as Giants coach. Case closed.

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