Calvin Ridley Out vs Carolina Panthers Due to Personal Issue

Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley, premier pass-catcher for the Atlanta Falcons, has been unexpectedly ruled out in Atlanta’s game against the Carolina Panthers. This is the second time in the early goings of this season that Ridley has had to be ruled out due to a personal matter. The first was before Atlanta’s trip across the pond to play the New York Jets in London. One can only hope that whatever Ridley is going through, he pulls through.

Personal Matter Leads to Calvin Ridley Being Out vs Carolina Panthers

The Atlanta Falcons have shown their support behind their star receiver. And this season, that has not been easy. Ridley has not yet displayed that exciting playability and mastery of the art of separation that gave Atlanta fans hope that he could be the number one target going into this season. Through seven games, he’s only amassed 381 yards and has found the end zone twice. The Atlanta Falcons have relied on Ridley to be the number one guy with the departure of Julio Jones this off-season. However, everyone in the Falcons organization, from the coach to the players, has done nothing but support their guy. 

Sports have always been a microcosm of the world at large. One of the main problems that affect the world today is mental health and awareness. The Atlanta Falcons are letting Ridley handle his matter at his own discretion. A small act that is cause for commendation. Allowing a player with the talent of Ridley to stay out to handle his personal matter can help set a precedent for the rest of the league. The league should expect nothing less from a team run by a man such as Arthur Blank.

Calvin Ridley is a key component to the success of the Atlanta Falcons this season and in the future. Whatever personal matter is at hand, let’s hope that he can overcome it and come back stronger. 

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