Taysom Hill on the Internal Clock: ‘That’s the Natural Progression of a Quarterback’

Taysom Hill progressions
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The art of being a Hall of Fame quarterback can me compared to the rhythmic noise of a metronome. Always on time. Never early or late. Simply perfect. The progressions Taysom Hill goes through on any given play is similar. Add at least five guys trying to crush his throat. It is a complex decision making processor in a matter of an instant. For all the wins, records and even a Super Bowl for Drew Brees — the most astounding aspect about his whole career with the New Orleans Saints is deciphering information within seconds or even shorter. All entered into a progression washing machine.

But now, it’s Taysom Hill’s washing machine. Taysom Hill’s progressions have to be made to perfection. Moreover, processing it and spitting out the precise code for a successful play to develop. These are the things Taysom Hill referenced more than a couple times when asked about learning the quarterback position.

Taysom Hill’s Success Depends on Processing Progressions

Being mentored by one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time comes with a plethora of process data. It was as if the whole set of encyclopaedias are in front of him. Every single aspect of one position over a thousand pages. Reading all of it and deciphering it in a matter of seconds.

“I think what made Drew special was his ability to recognize coverage and always get it to the right guy,” Hill said on Thursday. “And I think that comes with reps. So as I look at this camp, I’ve been getting a lot more reps, my comfort level of getting through a progression, making the right decision, checking the ball down when it needs to be checked down, all that stuff. It’s all a part of being a great quarterback.”

There is so much value into what Hill said to compliment Brees. In addition, implementing his own interpretation. In other words, preparation and practice over and over again. The progressions must come naturally over time with pinpoint accuracy.

Brees’ Success Mimicked Being Surgical at Times

His description of Drew Brees sounded as if he was a brain surgeon. And maybe he was. Obviously, the stakes are higher in an operating room as life could be on the line. One wrong move and the whole operation could be at risk.

Being a Hall of Fame quarterback does not just happen. Some of the greatest talents fail because of lack of processing progressions at a supersonic pace. All the greats in just about any sport talk about having laser type focus. Some professionals hire swing coaches, psychologists or even trans meditational gurus to help them get to the precipice of flawless execution.

Rhythmic Perfection Through Repetition

Taysom Hill explained further the benefits of witnessing Brees. “Drew Brees was a rep guy. He’s the guy that wanted them, needed them, needed to see it all. And I would say I’m a visual learner too. When you get the rep maybe you make the wrong decision, like you learn from that experience in an entirely different way than if you just watch somebody do it.”

Hill is now the conductor of the orchestra. He is the master magician following David Copperfield. Surely, he understands the moment at hand. A moment where few men over a lifetime get. Hill already surpassed many expectations after being cut by the Green Bay Packers in 2017. Actually, he has paved out a way without any type of precedent. From being a quarterback to the jack-of-all-trades. To now, competing for one of 32 positions thousands would die for.

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