NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers Return, Taysom Hill vs Jameis Winston

Aaron Rodgers Rumors

Aaron Rodgers has been arguably the biggest topic of the NFL offseason, but the latest rumors suggest the reigning MVP will be back with the Green Bay Packers. In other news, there are conflicting reports on which one of Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston is favored to win the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback job.


NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers, Taysom Hill, Jameis Winston

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers organization are in the midst of a massive staring contest, but one side will have to blink eventually. According to tight end and current teammate Marcedes Lewis, Rodgers will be the first to give in. When asked by TMZ if Rodgers will return to Green Bay, the longtime NFL veteran said that he “think[s] so”.

While this is anything but a guaranteed report, it should be good news for Green Bay Packers fans everywhere. Even though Rodgers would rather play football somewhere else, most believe that his threat to retire is just words. With Green Bay unwilling to trade their talented quarterback, it looks like Rodgers will have to decide between sitting out the season or returning to his current organization.

For what it’s worth, Green Bay is still the betting favorite to retain Rodgers’ services. According to DraftKings, Rodgers currently has -400 odds of starting the season with Green Bay. The Denver Broncos are in second place with +400 odds, followed closely by the Raiders (+700) and New Orleans Saints (+1200). Gambling sites don’t like to lose money, and DraftKings would lose a lot of Rodgers suits up somewhere else.

Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill Quarterback Battle

Taking over for Drew Brees is no easy feat, but somebody has to do it. The only question is: who will that somebody be? Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston are battling it out for the starting job, and nobody knows exactly who will be under center come Week 1. EPSN’s Mike Triplett believes that Jameis Winston has the best odds at the starting job, but Ben Volin of the Boston Globe believes the job is Hill’s to lose.

According to Volin’s sources, head coach Sean Payton wants to see if Hill’s dual-threat ability can translate to a successful offense over a full season. If it doesn’t, Payton will turn to Winston and his conventional style of play for the remainder of the season. For what it’s worth, Volin also notes that Payton turned to Hill in 2020 when Brees missed time to injury. Hill played as well as could be expected, going 3-1 while making plays both on the ground and through the air.

Chances are, Sean Payton doesn’t even know who will start in Week 1. Both quarterbacks have plenty of pros and cons, and only time will tell which one ends up being the answer under center. DraftKings gives Winston -275 odds of starting the season for the Saints, which lines up with what Cameron Jordan said a few months back. No matter who starts, there’s a good chance that both players see the field throughout the season.

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