Sean Payton Says Jameis Winston Will Replace Drew Brees

Drew Brees Announces Retirement

While he hasn’t officially made an announcement, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is expected to retire in the coming weeks. This will leave the Saints in an unfamiliar position, as they haven’t had to worry about the quarterback position in over a decade. However, head coach Sean Payton reportedly wants to roll with Jameis Winston as the heir to Drew Brees, if defensive end Cameron Jordan is to be believed.

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Cameron Jordan Says Sean Payton Wants Jameis Winston To Replace Drew Brees

Jordan recently appeared on The Great Dane Nation podcast and received a question regarding the future of the quarterback position. The six-time Pro Bowler responded by saying that “Jameis Winston [is] up next I believe is what Sean Payton said.” Cameron Jordan obviously isn’t Sean Payton and isn’t responsible for New Orleans’ personnel decisions, but this is certainly worth noting.

While Winston is certainly the more conventional quarterback, some expected Taysom Hill to take over for the (presumably) departed Brees. This would make sense on the surface, as Hill started four games last year in place of the injured veteran. During his time under center, Hill completed 72.7% of his passes for 928 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions. Additionally, Hill added another 457 rushing yards and eight touchdowns on 87 attempts. The Saints went 3-1 with Hill under center, and his performance played a big role in New Orleans winning the NFC South.

The Saints might want Winston, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to get him. The quarterback market is absolutely wild this year, as the demand for starting quarterbacks is clearly exceeding the supply. Winston is arguably the best option remaining (excluding Deshaun Watson), and teams like the New England Patriots, Washington Football Team, and Chicago Bears would love to get their hands on him. The Saints are currently $70 million over the salary cap, so it will be hard for them to keep pace in a potential bidding war. Only time will tell where Winston lands as a free agent, but his journey will be one of the most interesting storylines of the offseason.

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