Coming Home to the Dome for New Orleans Saints Fans will be Majestic

Saints Fans

Some days it feels like another summer in New Orleans. The heat and humidity are always on time. Countless people have asked me about the heat in New Orleans. They really don’t have a clue. Pandemic or not, the sweat pours out of the clouds — so it seems. Participating in any type of physical exercise in the summer is a battle of staying hydrated and continuing without any form of heatstroke. Still, this summer is not like any other for fans of the New Orleans Saints.

But putting that aside, the seismic activity will be off the charts come September. If fans do get to come in full force — Who Dat Nation craves for normalcy this fall.


New Orleans Saints Fans Get Ready For A Season Unlike Any Other

And make no mistake, nothing is vanilla in New Orleans. In other words, normal in “The Big Easy” is anything but the daily grind. Fans are counting down the days to training camp. Others have booked flights for upcoming road games. And some are trying to figure out how to plan a wedding around the nationally televised games. All of this, revolves around the Saints.

The yearly buildup is a yearning to see another season at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. If you move here — the church is on Poydras Street every Sunday. And sometimes even Monday. Nothing compares to being around 70,000 of your best friends to watch the black and gold toy with your heart. Nothing. It’s addicting. It’s exciting. Sometimes, the outcome can ruin or make a Monday the happiest day on earth.

Saints Fans Coming Back Home in 2021

But this year, 2021 is in a category of its own. The pandemic has obviously been devastating. True. Furthermore, the countless flash flood disasters added to the already beaten up state of Louisiana. Businesses have closed. Schools operated in the time of unwavering challenge after challenge. And yes, Drew Brees is no longer here.

Not to mention, Saints fans watched from home versus being at the game. 2021 is almost hard to imagine being here. Yet the season is on the doorstep. People are ready to line up in late July to see their new team. Plenty of them surely have lost something in the last 18 months. Perhaps, the pandemic didn’t affect them directly. Many found themselves teleworking throughout. Be that as it may, the people are what make this city unique.

Of course, we have the best food in the world. Without a doubt, free parties are nowhere even close to the many festivals, concerts, and bonds the locals have 365 days a year.

New Orleans Remains to be its own Planet

The city remains a full pot of gumbo with perfect ingredients. One bite and you’re hooked. Still, it’s not for the faint of heart. No, New Orleans beats to the heart of the people. and the Saints are a reflection of the eccentric souls of New Orleans.


So imagine. Imagine the smells leading up to the game outside, walking up to the place you’ve missed for two years running. Imagine being inside staring at the field waiting like it’s Christmas. What do you miss? The noise is one thing impossible to imitate. Something about 70,000 fans all at once in a simultaneous roar is intoxicating and never gets old. People tend to make it all happen. And it’s not always about the fans. Sometimes it’s just seeing the beer man yelling out for business. Maybe it’s the little kids wandering around taking it all in for the first time. Or even seeing a person with a rival jersey makes everything normal again. We can only imagine. Fans wait as the Saints get ready for a season unlike any other.

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