Nick Bolton “Not Trying to Prove Anything”, Joshua Kaindoh Believes “Sky Is The Limit”

Nick Bolton

The Kansas City Chiefs rookies are hard at work getting acclimated to life in the NFL. Shortly after hearing their names called during the NFL Draft (or not, in the case of the undrafted free agents), the latest batch of young talent has to prove they belong at the next level. Linebacker Nick Bolton was Kansas City’s first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and the rookie isn’t trying to prove anything during his first practices with the team. Meanwhile, Joshua Kaindoh thinks that “the sky is the limit” for his NFL career.

Kansas City Chiefs Notes: Nick Bolton, Joshua Kaindoh Speak

Nick Bolton Taking Things One Day At A Time

Adjusting to life in the NFL isn’t easy, which is why Nick Bolton is focused on learning how things are done at the professional level. Speaking to reporters, the Missouri product said that he’s “not really trying to prove anything” and is instead focused on “trying to grow and learn the playbook”. Bolton added his goals in these practices center around “soak[ing] everything up, learning the basic fundamentals, how to practice…and learning how to be a Kansas City Chief.”

The best way for Bolton to learn these lessons is by consulting with those who have been in his shoes. The second-round pick said that he has already reached out to fellow linebacker Anthony Hitchens. Apparently, the two were down in Dallas at the same time, and the duo frequently texted and talked. Bolton seems to have learned a lot from the respected veteran and is “looking forward to building that relationship”.

Based on his comments, it’s clear that Bolton is doing his best to take life in the NFL one step at a time. Adjusting to the world of professional football is no easy task, and Bolton is wise to not get overwhelmed by the massive uptick in difficultly. The rookie possesses the raw ability to play multiple positions throughout the defense, and there is a very real chance Kansas City moves him all over the formation. However, Bolton said he isn’t worried about that right now, as he reiterated that his primary goal is learning the playbook and picking up as much as he can during rookie camp and OTA’s.


Joshua Kaindoh Says “Sky Is The Limit” For His NFL Career

Fourth-round defensive end Joshua Kaindoh does not lack confidence. While speaking to reporters, the Florida State product said that he believes “the sky is the limit” for his NFL career, although he acknowledges that he still has a lot of work to do.

Kaindoh is a great athlete and flashed his potential throughout his collegiate tenure, but he wasn’t able to rack up big numbers. He didn’t record a single sack in seven games last year and never had more than four in any given season. When asked if the lack of sacks was a product of scheme or untapped potential, he said it was a bit of both. Kaindoh believes he “did some good things” in college, but he’s “nowhere near” where he could be and has a lot of room to grow.

The Florida State product also thinks that learning the playbook won’t be an issue. Saying that “it’s just like any other playbook,” Kaindoh believes that he has what it takes to understand the defense and play the role the team needs him to play.

A part of the reason for Kaindoh’s confidence is the culture and expectations present throughout the organization. The fourth-round pick said that he already learned that “standards [with the Chiefs] are very high”, and went out of his way to praise the “great tradition” of the organization, and even went so far as to call it a family.

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