NFL Rumors: Two Bye Weeks Could Return, Antonio Brown Targeted By Seahawks

According to the latest NFL rumors, the league could return to using two bye weeks as a response to the increased schedule. The league tried this once in 1993, but the circumstances surrounding the decision have dramatically over the past three decades. In other rumors, the Seattle Seahawks are reportedly interested in Antonio Brown and could steal him away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


NFL Rumors: More Bye Weeks Coming, Antonio Brown Has Suitors

If you didn’t know that the NFL already tried a second bye week, then you’re not alone. Originally a one-year experiment in the 1993 season, the league ultimately scrapped the idea because TV networks felt the extra week off led to too many uninteresting matchups. This might have been true at the time but, according to Mike Florio, the league could be re-evaluating its position.

With a 17-game schedule now the law of the land – and 18 games seemingly right around the corner – the NFL needs to add an extra week to allow the human body to heal. Florio adds that he doesn’t expect TV networks to be as opposed this time around, as four new teams have joined the league since 1993. This will obviously give networks more choices for air time, which means they won’t have to worry about giving valuable air time to boring contests.

Florio goes on to say that the increased interest in sports gambling will actually encourage networks to show fewer games at one time. A more spread out schedule allows for more bets on more games, which naturally leads to more viewership. The NFL insider adds that he could envision a situation in the not-too-distant future where the NFL plays at least one game per day from Sunday to Thursday (an existing exemption prevents NFL games from airing on Fridays and Saturdays until mid-December).

Antonio Brown Could Be Coming to Seattle

In terms of pure talent, Antonio Brown could be the best wide receiver remaining on the open market. However, his off-field issues have scared some teams off. Tampa Bay reportedly has an offer on the table, but the team and player are reportedly way off on money. With the Buccaneers in a bit of a financial pickle, Antonio Brown could find his way to Seattle.

Russell Wilson is not a happy camper, and the Seattle Seahawks are trying to change that. After rejecting a trade offer from the Chicago Bears, the Seahawks gave a massive extension to wide receiver Tyler Lockett. This move, combined with the additions of Gabe Jackson and Gerald Everett, probably improved the relationship between Wilson and the team. However, the bond probably isn’t fully healed, and adding Antonio Brown would go a long way in bridging that divide. It’s no secret that Wilson and Brown are close, and Brown proved that he can stay out of trouble for at least a few months while with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If the Antonio Brown dream doesn’t come to fruition, the Seattle Seahawks could still add another receiver. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Seattle’s backup plan is wide receiver Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin technically spent the 2020 season with the Philadelphia Eagles but opted out due to concerns over COVID-19. Goodwin is one of the fastest players in the league, and combining him with Wilson’s beautiful deep ball could lead to plenty of explosive plays.

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