Three Steps To Fix the New York Giants Offense

New York Giants Offense

The New York Giants offense in 2020 was among the worst in the entire NFL. They were 31st in points per game and yards per game, with only the New York Jets being worse. Dave Gettleman and John Mara both came out and said that this offense needs playmakers in order to finally start producing at a high level. There are three steps that the New York Giants need to follow in order to finally fix this offense.

Three-Step Plan To Fix the New York Giants Offense

Add Playmakers

Dave Gettleman and John Mara made it clear that finding playmakers for this lackluster offense will be a top priority this offseason. The free agent wide receiver class is impressive, with Allen Robinson and Kenny Golladay highlighting the group. Free agency will really depict what the Giants will do with their first round selection.

There are many different routes that they could go with the 11th pick, but they will definitely have a choice at one of the top wide receivers: Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle. All three of these players have big playmaking ability, something that the Giants desperately need.

Even if they do not land the best of the best in the draft or free agency, there is still a good amount of players that they could bring in. Terrace Marshall Jr and Jonathan Adams are names to watch in day two of the draft, while Curtis Samuel and Corey Davis highlight the lower end free agent wide receivers.

Do Not Neglect the Offensive Line

The Giants offensive line improved as the season progressed. The emergence of Nick Gates at center helped solidify that spot for years to come. Rookie tackle Andrew Thomas, who recently shared that he had surgery on his left ankle, had a rough start to his first season, but definitely improved over the course of the year. The left guard rotation of Shane Lemieux and Will Hernandez was something different.

However, the Giants still need answers on this offensive line. Cameron Fleming was atrocious at right tackle, and while Matt Peart looked alright in the numbered opportunities he received, they need to find a stable tackle opposite of Andrew Thomas.

Another question mark heading into the off-season is veteran tackle Nate Solder, who opted out of the 2020 season. Solder has not exactly lived up to expectations since signing a huge deal with New York back in 2018. Whether he retires or the team simply decides to move on, the Giants would save $6 million. They would have to eat $10.5 million in dead cap, but moving on would be better than keeping him at this point.

Another veteran on the offensive line that could be gone this off-season is right guard Kevin Zeitler. Zeitler was brought up in trade talks near the deadline, before the team ultimately decided to keep him. The Giants will save $12 million by cutting Zeitler this off-season, some much needed money that could help New York land a premier free agent.

The Giants offensive line surrendered *50* sacks in 2020, third most in the NFL. While moving on from guys like Zeitler would be nice in terms of money, they would need to find a better replacement. Hypothetically speaking, if they do move on from Zeitler, they have options to fill that hole. Alabama’s Deonte Brown would be a nice fit, and every Giants fan knows that Dave Gettleman loves his “hog-mollies.”

If they decide that neglecting the right tackle position would prove to be risky, Sam Cosmi from Texas or Rashawn Slater from Northwestern, would be great fits to take over.

Identify Jason Garrett’s Inabilities

It is quite clear that Jason Garrett’s playcalling is horrible. While fans think that Garrett should be gone after his first season with the Giants, it is looking unlikely at this point. Garrett interviewed for the Los Angeles Chargers head coach vacancy, but nothing has been said since.

If the Giants really want to jumpstart their offense, they need to recognize that Garrett is a big part of the problem. What they should do is hire a passing game coordinator, one that could assist in calling better plays and coming up with unique designed routes.

Even if they do manage to bring in some much needed playmakers, nothing will change if Garrett has complete control over calling plays. Either fire the guy, which likely will not happen, or bring in some help.

Last Word on Fixing the Giants Offense

The Giants offense desperately needs to match the effort and production of their defense. Having Saquon Barkley is a huge plus, and will be great to get back in 2021.

Daniel Jones needs to play better. The receivers need to play better. Jason Garrett needs to call better plays. Everyone on the offense has a share of the blame in the offense playing so poorly. If the team follows these three steps, they will see significant improvement in 2021.

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  1. Hopefully the offense can return to what is was under Shurmur, which was 18th in the league with worse oline worse Jones and injuries to playmakers, if the offesne can be average and defesne great, the team has a chance to do something

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