New Orleans Saints Newcomers Have Added Pressure With The Absence Of Preseason

The coronavirus pandemic is continuously shaping the way people go about daily life. From the close attentiveness in hygiene to the requirement of a facial mask to get service from stores, routines have been drastically altered. From shopping to dining and from work to education, everything is different. Now, even sports have been greatly adjusted. For high school sports, some states have opted to discontinue some sports for the year while others have either pushed the start date back or chose to continue with the original beginning of the season. College football players have expressed their concern in playing during the pandemic. For the professional sports industry, it remains the same: a continuous journey to effectively maneuver through what is now a new reality. For the New Orleans Saints, the new reality is canceling the preseason games. With this, the New Orleans newcomers have added pressure with the absence of preseason.

New Orleans Saints Newcomers Have Added Pressure With The Absence Of Preseason

The Saints made an announcement they will not participate in preseason. This announcement came in the midst of players from various teams voicing their concern on playing amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The National Football League has taken measures to increase the safety of the players and decrease the chances of the virus spreading.

Not having a preseason is good for the safety and welfare of all players, coaches and referees involved. However, not having a preseason also provides issues for the coaching staff and new players. Partaking in a preseason gives coaches a chance to see how some players are performing against an opponent. For instance, if a team hasn’t determined who will be the second-string and third-string quarterback, it will have a tougher time filling out the rest of its roster.

A Coach’s Worst Nightmare

For the coaches, the lack of a preseason limits their evaluation of players. They will now have to make their decisions based on training camp. This makes their evaluation somewhat inadequate and can affect their decisions when it comes down to replacing a player due to injury. Sean Payton and staff are no stranger to making adjustments. Payton has already proven he can handle these difficult tasks, but this season will be more than replacing Drew Brees for a couple of games. He will have to rely on what he sees in training camps and practices when he is picking replacements.

New Saints Players

For the newest players joining the franchise, there is both a silver lining and added pressure. Drafted players like Marquez Callaway, Tommy Stevens and Tony Jones Jr. now have to impress the coaches in training camps and pray they have a stellar performance if their number is called in the regular season. Not having a preseason, though, takes away their chance to show their potential. The New Orleans Saints have four quarterbacks on the roster. The team is well endowed with linebackers at the moment. Training camps is where the magic will happen. The Saints hold 90 players and will have to cut down to 80 by August 16th. As for the newbies, even in a pandemic, this season can be a make or break season.

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