San Francisco 49ers Easiest Games in 2020

49ers Easiest Games
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The San Francisco 49ers have a fairly difficult schedule in 2020, but it isn’t by any means the hardest in the league. With their difficult matchups come some really easy games that they should absolutely win. The 49ers have favorable opponents for the slate of AFC games as well as their out of division NFC matchups making parts of their schedule easy to navigate. With that being said let’s take a look at the San Francisco 49ers easiest games in 2020.

San Francisco 49ers Most Difficult Games

San Francisco 49ers Easiest Games in 2020

1. Week 14: vs Washington Redskins

The easiest of all games for the San Francisco 49ers is by far their matchup against the Washington Redskins. Washington is in the midst of a rebuild and even with some promising young talent such as Chase Young, they stand no chance against the Niners. The fact that this is a home game for the 49ers only increases their odds of coming out with a win. Fans should expect an easy victory in this one for San Francisco.

2. Week 5: vs Miami Dolphins

The most interesting part of this contest will be who is playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. It likely won’t make much difference in the outcome as the 49ers are a far superior team than the Dolphins right now, but it will be interesting nonetheless to see whether it’s Ryan Fitzpatrick or Tua Tagovialoa under center for Miami. Overall the Niners should simply overpower Miami on both ends of the ball leading to a rather swift win.

3. Week 3: at New York Giants

Three rebuilding teams have so far made their way onto the Niners slate of easy games. The New York Giants simply don’t have the offensive firepower after running back Saquon Barkley to keep up with Kyle Shanahan’s high powered offense. It will be interesting to see how Giants quarterback Daniel Jones improves in year two, but even on his best day, San Francisco is a better team. Fans should expect the 49ers to win this one comfortably. 

4. Week 6: vs Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams were a complete letdown a season ago. Coming off a Super Bowl appearance, they failed to make the playoffs in 2019 and were defeated both times they faced the 49ers. 2020 should be no different as the Niners have made some solid moves to improve their roster while the Rams have stayed just about the same. It will be a tightly contested and fun to watch divisional game, but the Niners will likely come out on top.

5. Week 7: at New England Patriots

This could be the most fun to watch 49ers game of the season considering all the storylines jammed into it. The New England Patriots are entering the post Tom Brady era, and his former heir apparent Jimmy Garoppolo returns to Gillette Stadium for the first time since being traded. What puts this game into the easy column for the Niners is the fact that the Patriots likely won’t be as good as fans are accustomed to in 2020. Expect the Niners to win a tough fought game in this one.

6. Week 2: at New York Jets

The New York Jets have gone under the radar as of late, but their offseason has been decent to say the least. The added wide receiver Denzel Mimms among others during the draft and have the makings of a team heading in the right direction. Despite their positive traits, Adam Gase is still the coach, which means the Niners have a huge advantage. Although the Jets could challenge the Niners for part of this game, don’t expect them to hang around for too long. San Francisco may have to work for this win, but in the end they’ll get it.

7. Week 1: vs Arizona Cardinals

The season opener should be a great one for the 49ers. The Arizona Cardinals come to Levi Stadium and they have a whole new look to them. A young and exciting team, they have all the athleticism to keep up with the explosiveness of the 49ers. With that being said, the Niners will surely be motivated in their first game following their Super Bowl loss, and will be looking to take that frustration out on the Cardinals. Overall it will be a fun game to watch, but the 49ers should come out with a win on opening night.

8. Week 12: at Los Angeles Chargers

Wrapping up the 49ers easiest games of 2020 is their Week 12 matchup with the Rams. San Francisco will leave the comforts of Levi Stadium for this one and head to Los Angeles to square off with Jared Goff and the Rams. History could easily repeat itself and the game could go either way as the second meeting of these two teams in 2019 was much closer than the first. However, the Niners are still the superior team and should come away with a win in the midseason showdown.

San Francisco 49ers Most Difficult Games

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