Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense Ranked 5th in NFL

Buccaneers Offense

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense has the firepower to be one of the best in the league. In what can only be described as a dream offseason, the team acquired superstar quarterback Tom Brady to pair with stud weapons Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. These three, along with great depth at tight end, allowed TouchdownWire to rank the group as the fifth-best offense in the NFL.

TouchdownWire Ranks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense 5th in NFL

Author Mark Schofield starts off by acknowledging that this offense was one of the better units in the league last year, even with their quarterback throwing 30 interceptions. Chris Godwin and Mike Evans are arguably the best receiver duo in the league, and the team still has two solid tight ends in O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate.

However, the reason for the high ranking is quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski. Schofield acknowledges that we need to “wait and see” when it comes to Gronkowski, but nobody can deny that Brady represents a substantial upgrade over Jameis Winston. The 43-year old quarterback might not be what he once was, but he still has the raw skills to play like a top-10 quarterback, especially with these weapons. While the depth behind the stars leaves something to be desired, this offense should be elite as long as the unit stays relatively healthy.

Interestingly enough, Schofield doesn’t think the Buccaneers will be the best offense in the NFC South. According to the writer, the New Orleans Saints will be a marginally better offense in the upcoming season. These teams are similar in a lot of ways, as both teams are led by aging quarterbacks that can still produce at an elite level. Michael Thomas is arguably the best receiver in the league, and Emmanuel Sanders should be a strong complementary option. Alvin Kamara is one of the most explosive running backs in the league, and Sean Payton is one of the finest offensive minds in football.

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