Under Further Review Season 2 Episode 18 – Who’da Thought We’d Be Here? Not Me.

Under Further Review

Welcome to Under Further Review, the show where two lushes (Andrew Lemieux and Kata Stevens) get drunk on sports! We hope your New Year was as special and romantic and joyful as you wanted it to be! In this episode, we’ll talk about Black Monday, review the year (and take a shot at the decade), and look at the NFL playoffs ahead! All that and more on this episode of Under Further Review!

Under Further Review S2 E18 – Who’da Thought We’d Be Here? Not Me.

Part 1:

Part 1 (00:30-21:40): Unfortunately for some NFL coaches, 2020 probably didn’t start the way they wanted it to, as Black Monday saw a number of hot seat coaches get the axe. Join us as we unpack some of the firings and discuss what’s next for a select few!

Under Further Review – Part 2:

Part 2 (21:40-42:30): Since 2019 is over, we’ll be entering not just a new year, but a new decade! We want to take a look back on the year that was and give out our awards for Best of the Year! We’ll be examining the games, plays, moments, and players that shaped our year, and perhaps even our decade.

Part 3:

Part 3 (42:40-01:03:20): For our last trick, the NFL Playoffs are upon us. We’ll be taking a look at each matchup for Wild Card Weekend, and see which squad has the toughest task going forward.

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