Bold Predictions: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

Patriots Bold Predictions New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
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The NFL season is heading into Week 4 and the New England Patriots are rolling. They’re coming off of another blowout win. This time, a 30-14 trouncing of the rival New York Jets. Looking ahead to Week 4, the Patriots will be taking on another divisional foe in the form of the undefeated Buffalo Bills. With that being said it’s time for some Patriots bold predictions going into Sunday’s matchup, the New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills.

Bold Predictions: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

The Patriots and Bills both head into Sunday sitting at 3-0 on the season. However many people, fans and analysts alike, believe Buffalo to be the weakest unbeaten left. Despite the negative press around Buffalo, they have proven they have a great defense, and quarterback Josh Allen has seemingly taken some steps forward in his development. This game should be the most competitive yet for New England. However, there are still plenty of bold predictions to be made.

The Patriots Defense Pitches a Shutout

The Patriots defense has been nothing short of incredible so far. Through three games the unit has yet to allow a touchdown. There is no reason to believe that will change this week. Although Buffalo is the home team and Allen has looked solid so far, the offense still isn’t that good. Their best wide receiver is probably Cole Beasley, and this isn’t a shot at Beasley, but he shouldn’t be your best receiver. Stephon Gilmore and the rest of the secondary should be able to take him out of the game completely, making life difficult for Allen.

As a result of this, the pass rush for New England should have a field day. There’s no doubt about Allen’s athleticism and ability to use his legs. However, there is only so much a quarterback can do when there is nobody to throw the ball to. Expect the Patriots to hit home several times on Allen during this game, and for the second time in two weeks, throw a zero on the scoreboard.

 Tom Brady Throws For Five Touchdowns

This is by far the hottest take in this article, but it’s one that needed to be made. Tom Brady has yet again stuck it to father time and certain TV talking heads by playing like it’s 2007. Brady has a loaded offense boasting the likes of Julian Edelman and a clear-headed Josh Gordon. It’s not out of the equation to think that Brady, who already has seven touchdowns on the year, could tack on five more Sunday. The Bills secondary is good, but they don’t have the firepower to stop Gordon, Edelman (provided he plays) and Phillip Dorsett. The Patriots are also able to use their running backs so effectively in the passing game over the years that there is no possible way for the Bills defense to cover everyone.

¬†Stephen Gostkowski Doesn’t Miss a Kick

For this last prediction, I’ve taken the liberty of being an optimist. Kicker Stephen Gostkowski has been nothing short of a mess this season. Although it hasn’t mattered since the Patriots have yet to play a close game, it’s still annoying to watch. The hope is that since there is a new holder, Jake Bailey, that the most recent misses have just been growing pains. For the sake of this prediction, let’s assume that’s true. There is no reason to believe that Gostkowski will miss a kick against the Bills this week. There is the very real possibility the most recent misses were because of spotty holds and miscommunication. That doesn’t make them any less frustrating to fans, but give it just one more week and the issues should be resolved.

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