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How the Pittsburgh Steelers Get Back to Winning Form Against the Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers Winning

The Pittsburgh Steelers started off their season with one of the worst defeats in recent memory.  The scoreboard did not do justice as to how outmatched this Steelers team was on Sunday night. The offense flashed the ability to move the football but could not be consistent and the defense wasn’t putting any pressure on Tom Brady.  Here are a few ways the Pittsburgh Steelers can get back to winning form in Week Two against the Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers need to get back to their roots 

As long as the Steelers have been winning Super Bowls they have seen running the ball as a pillar of success within the organization.  Last week, the offense ran the ball 12 times and had no control of the game. Head Coach Mike Tomlin has to trust this offensive line to win their matchups each week.  This team has the talent up front to compete with any front four in the NFL.

There can’t be any more games with 10 rushes for 21 yards from James Conner with this elite group up front.  Also, why draft bruiser Benny Snell if you don’t want him to pound the ball third down and short? Sunday afternoon, the Steelers need to get back to running the ball between the tackles and show Seattle that they are willing to be the more aggressive team in the trenches.  If we see the Pittsburgh Steelers have up near 20 carries for 90-100+ yards from its feature back fans will see the Steelers with a much better chance to beat the Seahawks.  

Ben Roethlisberger Needs to Forget the Past

Ben Roethlisberger has had a rough couple of months trying to leave all this Antonio Brown drama behind.  This past Sunday, Ben looked completely out of sorts. Roethlisberger threw lots of low-percentage deep passes on third and short as if Brown was still on the field.  These kinds of throws are going to hinder this team on late downs. There is not a lot of top-end speed to help force the ball downfield. Also, the Steelers didn’t incorporate the running backs into the game plan for New England. This week the running backs need to be utilized on short-yardage downs in passing or running situations. James Conner and Jaylen Samuels are both adequate pass catchers that can make things happen in space.  This week, look for more short passing to get the momentum going and build trust between the new faces on offense.  

Pressure Russell Wilson

The Pittsburgh Steelers calling card was their pass rush last year. After previously leading the league in sacks, Week One was major let down for Steelers fans. In Week Two, the Steelers face Russell Wilson, another top tier quarterback that will make you pay if he is not under duress.  This is going to be especially tough if T.J. Watt is not 100% coming to this game. Keith Butler will be depending on Bud Dupree, who had a sack in Week One, to step up and take control of the edge. Camp phenom Ola Adeyini could add depth if he returns from knee surgery as well.  If Wilson has time to throw as Tom Brady did, it is going to be another long evening without Joe Haden making plays at the back end on explosive star Tyler Lockett.

These are a couple of ways the Pittsburgh Steelers can get back to winning against the Seattle Seahawks.  It will take a much better effort from each man this week if they wish to walk away with a winning outcome.

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