WATCH: Top 10 Tom Brady Throws

Tom Brady
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The internet is going ablaze with all the top Tom Brady throws from his storied 20-year career. Brady is unquestionably the best to ever do it, so picking out 10 throws from an unparalleled 20-year sample wasn’t easy. However, based on throw difficulty, situation, and overall skill level required, here are the top 10 throws of Tom Brady’s career.

Top 10 Tom Brady Throws

10. Brady to Hogan – Super Bowl 51

The Patriots cut a 28-3 deficit down to 28-20 with just over three minutes to go in Super Bowl 51. However, the potential game-tying drive got off to a bad start, leaving Brady and the offense facing 3rd and 10 from their own nine-yard line. Throwing out of his own end zone, Brady found Chris Hogan between two Falcons’ defenders to move the chains and keep the drive alive. New England, of course, tied up the game and eventually completed the greatest comeback in history.

9. 3rd and 18 to Amendola

The Patriots hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2017 AFC Championship Game for the right to advance to Super Bowl 52. Despite the home-field advantage, Brady and the Patriots trailed 20-10 entering the fourth quarter. Facing a 3rd and 18, Brady needed a miracle to convert against 2017’s best defense. Sliding outside the pocket, Brady expertly moved Myles Jack out of the throwing lane before finding Danny Amendola over the middle for a new set of downs.

8. Brady’s First Touchdown to Moss

Tom Brady and Randy Moss were simply unstoppable in 2007, so one of their connections had to make this list. While Brady had more than his fair share of ridiculous touchdowns that season, the first one was the best. Brady easily beat triple coverage to find Moss for the first of many touchdowns in that record-breaking season.

7. Brady’s Almost-Connection to Moss

This one still hurts to watch. The New York Giants just scored a touchdown to take a 17-14 lead in Super Bowl 42. With just seconds left on the clock, Brady uncorked a 70-yard bomb across the field for Randy Moss. The throw was absolutely perfect and right on the money, but a defensive back got his hand in at the absolute last second. If Randy Moss jumps for this ball, the Patriots would have been in field goal and sent the game to overtime.

6. Brady’s Game-Winner to Cooks

Tom Brady only had Brandin Cooks for one season, but these two had quite a few jaw-dropping connections. However, Brady’s game-winning throw in Week Three was the best this duo had to offer. Trailing 33-28, Brady took the snap from Houston’s 25-yard line. He dropped back 10 yards, got hit, and still managed to push the ball to the endzone using nothing but arm strength. Cooks hauled in the pass for the game-winning score. Oh yeah, Brady was 40 when he made that throw.

5. Brady to LaFell, 2014 AFC Divisional Round

This throw is at the top of a lot of lists. After erasing multiple 14-point deficits, Brady and the Patriots trailed by three late in the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens. After authoring a methodical, efficient drive, New England had the ball at Baltimore’s 24. Rashaan Melvin decided to play press on Brandon LaFell, and Brady exploited Melvin’s aggressiveness by dropping an absolute dime to LaFell for the game-winning score.

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4. Brady to Amendola, Super Bowl 51

Another throw from that miraculous comeback makes this list. Tom Brady got the ball to start overtime, and he made sure Matt Ryan wouldn’t get a chance to tie the game. On 2nd and 4, Brady somehow found Amendola in a nonexistent window to move the chains and keep the drive going. New England, of course, won Super Bowl 51 on that very drive.

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3. Brady to Gronkowski, Super Bowl 53

Brady’s didn’t have the best overall performance in Super Bowl 53, but he saved one of the best throws of his career for the game’s most important moment. With the game tied at three, Brady found Gronkowski one last time to set the Patriots up at the Rams’ two-yard line. On the very next play, Sony Michel scored the go-ahead touchdown

2. Brady’s Game-Winner Against Miami

Most of these throws are from the second half of Tom Brady’s career, but the six-time Super Bowl champion tossed quite a few gems in his early days. The best throw of the bunch is his game-winning connection with Troy Brown in 2003. Playing in a stadium which causes trouble, Brady improvised and launched a perfect downfield bomb for the walk-off victory.

1. Brady to Gronkowski, 2015 AFC Championship Game

How did this throw happen? The Denver Broncos defense abused New England’s offensive line, hitting Brady 23 times throughout the contest. Still, despite the constant pressure, Brady had a chance to tie the game up late and move on to Super Bowl 50. Facing 4th and 10, Brady uncorked a deep shot to Gronkowski in the slot. Despite being draped with Broncos defenders, the throw was in the one place it could be and found Gronkowski in stride. New England went on to score a touchdown but couldn’t convert the game-tying two-point conversion.