Carolina Panthers Easiest Games of 2019

Carolina Panthers Easiest Games

With training camp now closed and the preseason in full swing, Last Word on Pro Football is analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. Each team’s schedule will be split into the least difficult (9-16) and most difficult (1-8) games. We’ve already taken a look at the most difficult games on the Carolina Panthers schedule, so up next are the “easier” games they’ll have this season.

Check out the eight toughest games on the 2019 Panthers schedule.

Carolina Panthers Easiest Games of 2019

9. Week 11: vs Atlanta Falcons

It’s a bit unfair to have the Falcons on the list of “easy” games, considering they have had the Panther’s number the last several years. However, this week 11 home game is the Panther’s first chance at redemption against their NFC South foe. With the Falcons making several additions to the offensive line, this mid-season matchup would be perfect for the Panthers defense to provide just that extra bit of pressure needed to secure a win.

10. Week Nine: vs Tennessee Titans

The Titans quarterback, Marcus Mariota, is coming into the season having to prove himself. With questions surrounding his long-term future with Tennessee, it’s the defense that will prove troublesome for the hosting Panthers. The Titans ranked third in fewest points allowed last season. This will be another test on keeping Cam upright and giving him enough time to find his receivers. Another game on the list of “easiest” that could go either way, but if the Panthers want to see the postseason, they’ll have to win games like this at home.

11. Week Five: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars come into Carolina with someone who they hope will be franchise quarterback, Nick Foles. A new quarterback, a young team, early in the season, on the road, should give the Panthers all the edge they need. In fairness, the Jaguars still do possess a talented defense, and they do still have Jalen Ramsey. All Cam and the Panthers have to do is maintain ball security and they should win this one no problem.

12. Week Eight: at San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco will be hoping to improve on their four-win season from 2018. With a now healthy Jimmy Garoppolo, the Niners are definitely more potent offensively. However, this team is still several roster moves away from being a real contender. The Panthers will be hoping to have some momentum by the time this mid-season road trip arrives. Even with an improved quarterback, this should be another W in the column for Carolina.

13. Week Six: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are the only team in the NFC South that the Panthers know they can sweep. With a new head coach, and a quarterback fighting for his job in Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay is in the beginning stages of a rebuild. This Week Six game will be a part of the International Series, meaning the Panthers will be on the road in London. While anything can happen when you travel across the pond, the Panthers should have zero problem in winning this game.

14. Week 13: vs Washington

The only reason this team isn’t the easiest is due to when they play. The Panthers have a couple more favorable matchups early in the season, and this Week 13 game could see them fighting off injuries. Even still, the Washington football team is a complete disaster. We all witnessed rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins struggle in his preseason debut. With Case Keenum as the backup, this team will be lucky to see five wins this year, making them an easy target for the Panthers at home.

15. Week Three: at Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals may be one of the most exciting teams coming into the season, but they are still a ways off from being contenders again. With a rookie head coach, a rookie quarterback, and only two legitimate playmakers in Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson, the Cards still have a ways to go. The Panthers will come into Arizona with experience while the Cardinals are likely still adjusting to all the new-ness. For a Panthers team that has seen their coach, and their core, remain intact, this should be a solid early-season victory.

16. Week Two: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Once again, the Panthers have the Bucs’ number. Winners of nine of their last 12 meetings, the Panthers should have no problems with this one. Aside from the opening game of the season against the Los Angeles Rams, the Panthers enjoy a favorable first quarter of the season. If Carolina really are serious about returning to glory, they should come out of the first five games with only one loss, if that.

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