Happy Birthday, Tom Brady! Top 42 Tom Brady Moments

Tom Brady Moments

August 3rd should be treated as a holiday for any New England Patriots fan. For on this day in 1977, Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all-time, was born. In Brady’s 42 years of life, the quarterback has accomplished phenomenal and unparalleled statistical achievements. In celebration of his birthday, the New England Patriots office here at Last Word on Pro Football has compiled the top 42 Tom Brady moments.

Happy Birthday, GOAT! The Top 42 Tom Brady Moments

1. Coming back from a 28-3 deficit in Super Bowl LI

The greatest moment of Brady’s career is also the greatest comeback in the history of football. Heck, it has a good case for being the greatest comeback of all time, regardless of sport. With just over 19 minutes left in Super Bowl 51, the Patriots found themselves on the wrong end of a 28-3 blowout. Nobody in Super Bowl history had erased more than a 10-point deficit, nevermind a 25-point deficit. The game was over.

Except nobody told Tom Brady. Relentlessly going up and down the field, Brady and the offense erased that massive deficit, sending the game to overtime tied 28-28. When the Patriots won the coin toss, the game was over. In just eight plays, the Patriots offense scored the game-winning touchdown, bringing home the Pats fifth Lombardi Trophy. In the game, Brady threw a Super Bowl record 43 completions on 62 attempts for a then-record 466 yards. This could easily be the greatest moment in the greatest career of all time.

Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots Greatest Games

2. Coming back from a 24-14 deficit in Super Bowl XLIX

With just over two minutes remaining in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XLIX, and down by three points, Brady showed the world how a red zone pass should be made with a surgical three-yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman to take the lead and ultimately win the game.

This pass capped off 14 unanswered fourth-quarter points against a Seattle defense which only allowed 15 per game. While this game will ultimately be remembered for Malcolm Butler’s game-saving interception, none of that happens if Brady doesn’t eliminate a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit.

Super Bowl 49: New England Patriots Greatest Games

3. Leading a game-winning drive in Super Bowl XXXVI

For the majority of his sophomore season, Tom Brady wasn’t asked to do too much. Generally speaking, his job was to take care of the ball, make smart decisions, and keep the Patriots in the game. He was rarely asked to go out there and singlehandedly win football games.

For the majority of Super Bowl XXXVI, that gameplan rang true. Brady threw for just 92 yards through the first 48 minutes and 39 seconds of the game. However, with 1:21 left on the clock and the score tied, the Patriots asked Tom Brady to win the game.

The first-year starter answered the call. Throwing on every single play, Brady brought the Patriots all the way from their own 17-yard line to the Rams 30 with just seven seconds left on the clock. Despite color commentator John Madden begging the Patriots to play for overtime, Brady took down the Greatest Show on Turf, winning Super Bowl MVP honors and stunning the entire world.

(the drive starts at the 1:59:00 marker)

4. Leading 2007 Patriots to perfect 16-0 season

Let’s be honest, the entire 2007 season was full of some of Tom Brady’s best plays. From his 65-yard pass to Moss to leading the team to a perfect regular season record (Super Bowl XLII still haunts Patriots fans to this day), Brady’s performance in 2007 was just simply god-like. From going 16-0 to throwing 50 touchdown passes to completely reinventing the passing offense as we know it, 2007 was an absolutely magical season.

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5. Leading a 24-point comeback against Manning’s Denver Broncos

Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning was arguably the greatest quarterback rivalry in the history of professional football. So when the two foes met during November of 2013, all eyes were glued to the TV, expecting a close-fought battle.

However, after 30 minutes, the game was nothing but a blowout. Manning’s Broncos’ led 24-0 at the half, thanks to a barrage of fumbles by the Patriots offense. By all accounts, the game should have been over. Manning was in the midst of a historic season, and nobody could eliminate that type of a deficit.

Nobody that is, except for Tom Brady. Brady led the Patriots to 31 unanswered points before Manning tied the game with a late touchdown pass. The game went into overtime, and the Patriots pulled out the victory with a late field goal. Brady finished his heroic effort completing 34 of 50 passes for 344 yards and three touchdowns.

24-Point Broncos Comeback: New England Patriots Greatest Games

6. Leading a game-winning drive in Super Bowl XXXVIII

Just two years after leading a game-winning last-second drive to win a championship, Brady did it again. The score was tied, 29-29, with just 1:13 left on the clock. Panthers kicker John Kasay lined up to kick off, but knocked the kick out of bounds, giving the Patriots starting field position at their own 40.

That mistake was all Brady needed. Brady went 4/5 for 47 yards, setting up Adam Vinatieri for another championship-winning field goal. Vinatieri sunk it, and Brady and the Patriots were champions for the second time in three years.

Watch the game highlights here

7. Defeating Kansas City in the 2018 AFC Championship Game

If the 2018 Patriots wanted to advance to their fourth Super Bowl in five years, they needed to go into Kansas City and defeat MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes. New England historically struggled in Kansas City, and the 2018 Patriots looked more vulnerable than other recent teams.

Nevertheless, Brady and company managed to triumph over the Chiefs. While his final stat line wasn’t that impressive, anyone who watched the game knows just how good Brady was. The superstar passer put together three consecutive touchdown drives, including one in overtime. As if that wasn’t enough, he converted multiple third and long opportunities throughout the game to keep the team alive. It was one of the most clutch performances in a career full of them.

8. Earning unanimous MVP honors in 2010

Tom Brady accomplished something nobody had ever done in 2010, and nobody has done since. On the strength of a 36:4 touchdown to interception ratio, Brady was unanimously selected 2010’s Most Valuable Player.

During that season, Brady led the Patriots to a 14-2 record while playing with some relatively unimpressive weapons. New England traded Randy Moss away after Week Four, Wes Welker wasn’t 100% after tearing his ACL in the 2009 season finale, and Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez were rookies still trying to make their way in the league. All things considered, this was one of the most impressive seasons Brady has ever put together.

9. Winning MVP at age 40

The average human’s physical peak typically occurs long before the age of 40. Fortunately for Patriots fans, Tom Brady is no average human being. Playing at an age the vast majority of greats could not reach, Brady won the third MVP award of his storied career.

Throwing for 32 touchdowns and a league-leading 4,577 yards, Brady guided the Patriots to a 13-3 record and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. He did this despite losing his favorite receiver, Julian Edelman, for the entirety of the season.

10. Throwing six touchdowns against the Denver Broncos in the AFC Divisional Round

It’s ridiculous to think of now, but there was a time when people questioned Brady’s postseason ability. After losing Super Bowl 42 to the New York Giants, Brady went one-and-done in both the 2009 and 2010 playoffs. Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos entered Gillette Stadium, and there was a genuine belief around the nation that TebowMania could bring down Brady.

That idea died after the opening drive. Brady answered any and all questions about his postseason accomplishments in this game, and the Patriots demolished Tebow and the Broncos. Brady completed 26 of 24 passes for 363 yards and a staggering six touchdowns in a 45-10 blowout victory. His six touchdowns tied a postseason record, as he found Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, and Rob Gronkowski for scores.

Watch the game highlights here

11. Hitting Brandon LaFell for the game-winning touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens

The 2014 AFC Divisional round game versus the Baltimore Ravens was an absolute roller coaster. After eliminating two separate 14-point deficits, the Patriots found themselves trailing 31-28 with 10:10 left in the game. Baltimore started the drive off playing a soft zone, and Brady and the Patriots offense picked it apart with short, quick passes which steadily moved the chains. Once the Patriots made it to the Baltimore 23, the Ravens started playing tight man coverage.

Brady noticed a mismatch with Brandon LaFell lined up against Rashaan Melvin. Brady took the snap, dropped back three steps, and chucked a deep ball down the near sideline which could not have been placed any better. Melvin had solid coverage, and there was a safety over the top, but it didn’t matter. Brady threw a perfect spiral to the only place where LaFell could get it and Melvin couldn’t. With the throw, the Patriots took a 35-31 lead they would not relinquish. Considering the subfreezing temperatures and the massive stakes, this ranks as one of Brady’s greatest throws.

2014 AFC Divisional Round: New England Patriots Greatest Games

12. Getting the single-season touchdown record on a 65-yard pass to Randy Moss

Behind Brady-Gronkowski, the Brady-Moss tandem is perhaps one of the most powerful duos in Patriots history. Rightfully so, considering the 65-yard touchdown pass from Brady to Moss during the 2007 season, which set the record for most passing touchdowns (50) and most receiving touchdowns (23) in a season.

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13. Hitting Kenbrell Thompkins for a last-second game-winning touchdown

With no timeouts remaining and just over a minute left to play, Brady led the Patriots up the field during a 70-yard drive during the week six game against the New Orleans Saints in 2013. Brady remained calm hit Kenbrell Thompkins a 17-yard game-winning touchdown pass with just five seconds remaining in regulation.

Watch the play here

14. Throwing five touchdowns in the second quarter against the Tennessee Titans

2009 wasn’t Brady’s finest season by any means, but his performance against the Titans in 2009 ranks as some of his finest work. Playing in snowy conditions, Brady looked like his vintage self, and actually accomplished something he never had before (and hasn’t since).

Brady threw five touchdowns passes in the second quarter of that 59-0 blowout. Two went to Randy Moss, two went to Wes Welker, and one went to Kevin Faulk on a screen pass. Brady could do no wrong, and the Titans didn’t know what hit them. Brady left midway through the third quarter completing 29 of 34 passes for 380 yards and six touchdowns and a 152.8 quarterback rating.

Watch Tom Brady’s highlights here

15. Throwing for 406 yards, three touchdowns in return from suspension

It is never wise to anger a legend, as it will only fuel the fire that drives them. Tom Brady, however, is more than a legend, fueled by an even more intense fire. Returning from a suspension deemed baseless, unnecessary, and overkill by fans and NFL players alike, Brady exacted his revenge that had been building for the first 4 weeks of the season. Playing against the wounded Cleveland Browns, Brady put up 406 yards to go along with 3 TDS in his return game, showing the entire NFL to never anger the GOAT.

Watch Brady’s comeback from suspension here

16. Winning his third Super Bowl in four years against the Philadelphia Eagles

After winning two out of the previous three Super Bowls, the Patriots were looking to add a third to solidify their dynasty. Brady and the Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Jacksonville in which Brady tossed 236 yards and two touchdowns. The Patriots 24-21 win showed the NFL that the team was here to dominate the 21st century.

Watch the Super Bowl highlights here

17. Connecting with Amendola for his 400th career touchdown pass

This isn’t on the list for the pass itself, but for the accomplishment it represents. The play itself was fairly mundane. In the first half of a blowout against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Brady found Danny Amendola in the back of the endzone for a score.

However, with the pass, Brady became one of just five quarterbacks in the history of football to reach 400 touchdown passes. At the time, only Peyton Manning and Brett Favre had more (Drew Brees has since tied him with 488 entering 2018). Throwing for this many touchdowns just goes to show how rare Brady’s longevity and dominance truly is.

Watch the touchdown pass here

18. Leading a 21-game winning streak from 2003-2004

The Patriots have been the best team of the 21st century with Tom Brady being the best player. From 2003 through 2004 Brady led the Patriots on a 21 game winning streak. Brady led the team to win after win including a Super Bowl over the Carolina Panthers. The win streak hit 21 after Brady led the Patriots to a 13-7 win over the New York Jets including a touchdown strike to David Patten.

19. Pulling off a 10-point comeback in the Snow Bowl/Tuck Rule Game

In 2002, a young Tom Brady led the Patriots into a snowy AFC Divisional Round game against the Oakland Raiders. Late in the fourth quarter down 13-3, Brady led the Patriots on a 10-play drive capped off by a Brady rushing touchdown. Late in the fourth down 13, Charles Woodson appeared to strip Brady and end the game. After a review, video replay showed that Brady was in the middle of throwing the football which led to the ruling being overturned to an incomplete pass. Brady led the Patriots down the field which set up a game-tying field goal. Another Brady drive set up the game-winning field goal, propelling New England to victory 16-13.

Watch the game highlights here

20. Throwing a walk-off 80-yard touchdown to Brown against the Miami Dolphins

One of the biggest throws of Brady’s early career came in an overtime matchup against the Miami Dolphins. With the score tied, 13-13, Brady decided that he had enough of the Florida heat. Holding on to the ball in the pocket, Brady started directing traffic with his hands before launching the game-winning pass to Troy Brown.

21. 2009’s Monday Night Football comeback versus the Buffalo Bills

The 2009 season opener against the Buffalo Bills was Tom Brady’s first game since suffering a season-ending ACL tear during the 2008 season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. Down 11, Brady threw a touchdown strike to Benjamin Watson to cut the Buffalo lead to five. After a fumble on the ensuing kickoff, Brady hit Watson again to take a 25-24 lead and defeat the Bills 25-24

Watch the game highlights here

22. Completing 26 of 28 passes against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2007 Divisional Round

The 2007 was ridiculous for a wide variety of reasons, and one of the more ludicrous statistics of the season came in the 2007 AFC Divisional Round against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Facing off against a pretty solid defense, Brady had one of the most efficient games in NFL history. While he finished with “just” 262 yards and three touchdowns, Brady hit on an otherworldly 92.9% of his passes. What’s more amazing is that tight end Ben Watson dropped one of Brady’s two incompletion.

This was just one of those games where Brady could do no wrong. He always made the right read, and always put the ball right on the numbers. Impressively, Brady didn’t really need Randy Moss to do this. The leagues most dominant wideout was held to just one catch for 14 yards, and Brady still managed to complete 92.9% of his passes. In most any other player, this would be their career-defining game. For Tom Brady, it’s a somewhat forgotten game.

23. Throwing for 505 yards, three touchdowns in Super Bowl LII

Even though the New England Patriots lost Super Bowl LII, Tom Brady put together a performance for the ages. Brady threw for 505 yards, breaking his old Super Bowl record, and three additional touchdowns. At age 40, Brady also became the oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl. Brady spread the ball around masterfully, as three players ended up with more than 100 receiving yards.

Additionally, Brady was forced to play with Brandin Cooks sidelined for the majority of the game and a defense that couldn’t stop anything. The Patriots were outplayed in just about every category, and the fact that this game was even close speaks volumes about Brady’s greatness. Any other quarterback loses this game by multiple scores.

Watch Tom Brady’s highlights here

24. Throwing for 517 yards, four touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins

During the season opener in 2011, Brady threw for a miraculous 517 yards against the Miami Dolphins. His four touchdown passes included the now-infamous 99-yard pass to Wes Welker, and the 517 yards remain the most in his career. 2011 was the only season in which Brady eclipsed 5,000 passing yards, and Brady started his season as well as physically possible.

25. Crushing the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, 45-3

The 9-2 Patriots entered Week 13 of the 2010 season facing off against the rival New York Jets. At the time, New York had a genuine shot at winning the AFC East, and Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez were building a strong team in New York. The Jets took the season’s first meeting, 28-14, and many were expecting a close fight.

Instead, the world got a blowout. Brady destroyed the Rex Ryan defense which had so often given him fits. At the end of the contest, Brady threw for 326 yards and four touchdowns to Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, Deion Branch, and Brandon Tate.

Watch the game highlights here

26. Moving “On to Cincinnati” in 2014

After getting beat by a considerable margin the week before, people went crazy and started doubting Tom Brady. Brady showed up the next week and put on a clinic. Brady dropped 292 yards and three touchdowns in a classic Brady performance. He led the team to a 43-17 shellacking of the Bengals on the way to the Super Bowl later that season.

On to Cincinnati: New England Patriots Greatest Games

27. Another improbable playoff comeback against the San Diego Chargers

In 2006, a Tom Brady led Patriots squad played the 14-2 San Diego Chargers in a classic. After a Troy Brown forced fumble, the Patriots offense was back in business. Brady led the Patriots down the field and scored on a four-yard touchdown pass to Reche Caldwell. A Kevin Faulk two-point conversion tied the game at 21-21. Brady once again led the Patriots on a drive that led to a game-winning Stephen Gostowski field goal.

28. Juking Brian Urlacher in 2006

Throughout Tom Brady’s career, he has not been known for being the most athletic. During the 2006 season, the Patriots and the Chicago Bears squared off in Gillette Stadium. Leading the Patriots down the field, Brady scrambled and was looking for a first down. The issue was that Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher was in the way. Brady put the moves on the Hall of Famer and ran nine yards for the first down. The Patriots would go on to defeat the eventual NFC Champions 17-13.

29. Converting 3rd and 18 against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2017 AFC Championship Game

This game ranks as one of Brady’s least probable comebacks, considering he was facing arguably the best defense in football without tight end Rob Gronkowski. There are several plays from that 20-10 comeback which qualify for this list, but let’s focus on the play that started it all.

With just 10:49 left in the game, the Patriots found themselves down ten points and facing 3rd and 18. If the Patriots couldn’t earn a new set of downs, the game was all but over. Fortunately, the Patriots had Tom Brady at the helm. Taking the snap from shotgun, Brady sent three receivers deep while James White ran off into the flat. Brady motioned towards White, moving linebacker Myles Jack out of the middle of the field. With a passing lane now open, the then-40-year old quarterback fired an absolute missile downfield to Danny Amendola. Brady placed it low, preserving Amendola’s body while simultaneously keeping the pass away from two Jaguars defenders. The play resulted in a gain of 21 and a new set of downs. While the Patriots still had a lot of work to do, the rest of the game was a foregone conclusion.

Watch Brady and Amendola’s highlights here

30. Finding Danny Amendola for two fourth-quarter touchdowns in the 2017 AFC Championship Game

Nobody is more clutch than Captain Clutch himself. Time and time again, Brady has wowed fans with stunning 4th quarter drives that to other quarterbacks, would be impossible. Down 20-17 with just under 3 minutes left in the 2017 AFC championship game, Brady found Danny Amendola in the back of the end zone to give the Patriots the lead, for keeps. To be the best, you must perform in the highest pressure. Nobody has ever done that quite like Tom Brady.

Watch the full AFC Championship highlights here

31. A three-touchdown performance versus the Steelers in the 2016 AFC Championship Game

Brady has made a career of destroying the Steelers, and his work in the 2016 AFC Championship Game could have been his very best effort against the black and gold. Playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl, Brady ended this game before it really had a chance to start. Finding Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman all game long, Brady led the Patriots to an easy 36-17 victory.

Watch the game highlights here

32. Erasing a 10-point deficit against the San Diego Chargers for his first fourth-quarter comeback

Perhaps there is no trait that more defines Brady than his ability to eliminate a deficit and pull out a victory. While he’s had more impressive comebacks in bigger moments, it all began in Week Five against the San Diego Chargers.

In just his third career start, Brady and the Patriots found themselves trailing 26-16 with just 8:48 left. The game looked over, as there was no way a second-year sixth-round draft pick could eliminate a double-digit deficit in that quick timeframe.

Lo and behold, Brady did. The Patriots offense received the ball two more times in regulation, and each time Brady put points on the board. Brady tied the game with just 36 seconds left on the clock, hitting tight end Jermaine Wiggins to send the game to overtime. When the Patriots won the toss, Brady capped off the comeback by leading a game-winning field goal drive. All in all, Brady finished this game with 364 passing yards and the first two touchdown passes of his career.

33. Ruining Anthony Smith’s Life in 2007

The 13-0 Patriots faced a daunting task in Week 15, taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then-safety Anthony Smith made the mistake of guaranteeing a victory, and Tom Brady made him eat his words. By the time the final whistle blew, Brady threw for 399 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions as New England crushed the Steelers, 34-13. Brady made multiple big plays at Smith’s expense.

34. Clinching a victory against the Baltimore Ravens with a 79-yard touchdown pass

In 2016, during the week 14 game against the Baltimore Ravens, Brady dropped a 79-yard touchdown pass right into the hands of a wide-open Chris Hogan. Mind you, this was during Hogan’s first season with the Patriots. Some say that it was that very pass that cemented Hogan’s spot as one of the team’s top receivers.

Also note that the Ravens entered the game with the league’s top ranked passing defense. In spite of that, Brady still managed to throw for 406 yards and three touchdowns while putting up 30 points.

Watch the 79-yard dime here

35. Finding Brandin Cooks for the game-winner against Houston

The Houston Texans gave the Patriots all they could handle in Week Three of the 2017 season, but they made one fatal mistake: they let Brady get the ball to end the game. Brady capped off a game-winning drive by hitting Brandin Cooks on a perfectly placed pass. Brady had a phenomenal game, throwing for 378 yards, five touchdowns, and no interceptions.

36. A different type of throw from behind

During Week 14 of the 2004 season, the Patriots were on their way to an AFC East Championship as long as they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. During the third quarter, Brady dropped back to throw and was tripped. While on the ground, Brady threw an amazing pass to fullback Patrick Pass. The Patriots went on to win 35-28 and clinched another AFC East crown.

37. Hitting Brandin Cooks for 54-yard gain against the Kansas City Chiefs

Another memorable Brady-Cooks connection came in the season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Patriots ultimately lost that game, Brady found Cooks for a 54-yard gain. Anyone who says Brady’s lost his deep ball did not watch the 2017 season, as Brady threw some of the best deep passes of his career.

38. Hitting Brandon Tate for a 65-yard touchdown

One of the signature moments of Brady’s 2010 campaign came on Halloween against the Minnesota Vikings. Trailing 10-7, Brady took the shotgun snap at his own 35-yard line. Jared Allen broke free and almost took Brady down. Brady, however, eluded the sack, turned his back to the defense, and somehow knew exactly where Brandon Tate would be.

Brady turned back around and immediately launched a perfect strike downfield to Tate. Tate hauled in the pass, made a man miss, and sped off toward the endzone for a 65-yard score. With the pass, the Patrots took a 14-10 lead they would not relinquish.

39. Beating the “high school” Houston Texans, 42-14

In a game that was supposed to be competitive, the 10-2 upstart Houston Texans came into Gillette Stadium on Monday Night Football to play the 10-2 New England Patriots. Wearing Letterman jackets for some reason, this was the game where the Texans were supposed to establish themselves among the league’s elite.

Instead, they got killed. Brady threw three touchdowns in the game’s first 20 minutes, finishing his night with 296 passing yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. Brady hit Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Lloyd, and even Donte Stallworth for scores, as the Patriots laid down another nationally televised blowout.

Watch the game highlights here

40. Hitting Tyms for a 43-yard touchdown against Buffalo

Just two weeks after the great Kansas City blowout of 2014, Tom Brady was back to his old form. In week six against Buffalo, Brady made one of the best throws of his career to the definition of a no-name receiver. With pressure all around him, Brady chucked a pass 43 yards downfield intended for Brian Tyms. Despite having three Bills directly in the area, Tyms didn’t even need to break stride as Brady’s pass hit him right in the numbers. It was the definition of a perfect throw, and one of the best in Brady’s lengthy career.

41. Hitting Cooks for a 42-yard completion against the New York Jets

While Brandin Cooks’ time with the Patriots was limited to one season, his time with the team yielded a handful of memorable receptions from Brady, including a 42-yard pass against the New York Jets in 2017

42. The Next One

Ask Tom Brady which Super Bowl ring is his favorite and he’ll answer with “the next one.” For that very reason, his 42nd greatest moment is yet to come. Tom Brady, now age 42, is still going strong. He was the best quarterback in the league last season and there’s no reason to suspect a drop off in 2019. This list can never be truly complete so long as 12 is under center and still making amazing plays.

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