Keke Coutee Looking for Solid Season

Keke Coutee

Keke Coutee has a chance to be a breakout player for the Houston Texans in 2019. The second-year receiver showed flashes of what he is capable of in 2018. After missing the first three games due to a hamstring injury, Coutee bounced back and made his NFL debut against the Indianapolis Colts. He finished with an NFL record 11 receptions, which is the most in a debut since the AFL-NFL merger. With a loaded receiving corps, Coutee should get his chance to shine. 

Keke Coutee Can Be a Breakout Star for the Houston Texans

With Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller alongside him, Coutee is getting reps with some of the best receivers in the NFL. Having a talented quarterback in Deshaun Watson helps as well. The Texans are a potential sleeper team heading into the season. There’s no doubt that Coutee can have a breakout season. After playing well last season, the standout receiver deserves more reps. Though he suffered through an early-season injury, he bounced back and gave the Texans some insurance at the position. The trio of Hopkins, Fuller, and Coutee could be one of the best receiving trios in the AFC. Coutee finished 2018 with one touchdown and 287 reviving yards on 28 receptions. 

Becoming a Household Name

Texans fans will get to know Coutee quickly. His ability in route-running gives him a unique edge at the position. Though Hopkins is the main target, Coutee could become the number three receiver for Houston. That spot would earn him more reps and playing time. The Texans will get a glimpse of him during the pre-season in a few weeks. After their evaluation is complete, Coutee could see a better role on the offense. Having a player like Coutee on the roster gives Houston a boost for their offense. They struggled last season, but 2019 should be better for the unit. With Hopkins leading the charge, Coutee can learn from a top receiver in the league. 

Expanded Role in the Texans Offense?

Coutee’s chances of being a role player in the Texans offense look good. If he can show out in the pre-season, he should definitely earn a shot at having a bigger role. Playing before the regular season also gives the fans a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of Houston’s offense. For Coutee, this provides a chance to show the coaching staff his true abilities. Though he may not see the field a ton during pre-season, Coutee still has time to ball out. Playing against AFC South defenses will be intriguing for Coutee and his route running. He’ll have to stay on top of his game. That means winning the line of scrimmage. Getting off the line and in position to make catches. The attributes that a true wide receiver would possess. The second-year receiver is trying to make a name for himself. 2019 is his chance to prove that. Texans fans should be excited about their potential breakout star going into the season. The hype around Keke Coutee is real, and it’s only getting started. 

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