Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater Chooses Apprentice Role For Another Year

Teddy Bridgewater
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Almost a year ago, Teddy Bridgewater came to the city of New Orleans to back up Drew Brees. Surely, he envisioned sitting behind Brees for a year to get an education one can’t buy at Tulane or Loyola. No, the education under a future Hall of Fame is a course you can’t buy pre-packaged. The Drew Brees class hasn’t yet been patented as of yet. But make no mistake, the value is priceless. Bridgewater’s only game-time experience came in the last game of the season against the Carolina Panthers when nothing was on the line.

Teddy Bridgewater Accepts Apprentice Role in 2019

The Return of Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgewater finished 14 of 22 for 188 yards including one touchdown and an interception with mostly backups throughout the game. Regardless, the New Orleans Saints saw a glimpse of the future. The results of the game were irrelevant in the big scheme of things. However, the start for Teddy Bridgewater felt good for him.

Bridgewater appreciated it for sure. “It was a pretty cool moment to run out there. It’s been a long time. But I’m grateful for that moment and grateful for that opportunity. It’s probably something I’ll remember the rest of my career.”

Of course, there were no guarantees for Bridgewater. Drew Brees is the ageless wonder. To no surprise, Brees returns for the 2019-20’ season to finish another year. Bridgewater had another offer from the Miami Dolphins to be the face of the franchise. Ironically, Brees had a similar choice years ago between those same two teams.

Thankfully, Brees chose the Saints. Bridgewater’s dilemma was a totally different scenario. Many thought Bridgewater seemed poised to take over the starter role for the Dolphins. Brees is aging of course, but once again this role of being the prolonged apprentice seemed to be a long shot.

Still, the Saints offered something vastly different from the Dolphins. For one thing, the Saints are going places. Also, the organization is rock solid. The Saints made it clear, Bridgewater possesses all the tools to take over for Brees when the time comes. Whether it be this year or next, Bridgewater remains the overwhelming favorite to become the new face of the black and gold.

Bridgewater Not Your Average Quarterback

Chemistry is another crucial dynamic here. Brees is more than willing to share all the countless details over the years to Bridgewater. Not every quarterback is willing. Other players just wouldn’t be keen to back up another quarterback knowing good and well the possess enough talent to start somewhere else.

People may forget the Teddy Bridgewater in the 2015 season. The year he went to the Pro Bowl and lead the Minnesota Vikings to an 11-5 record. Four game-winning drives in 2014 as a rookie. The same player who threw for over 6,000 yards in two seasons before the injury.

And to be honest, the resilience he’s shown the last couple of years can’t be taught. Many players cease to come back to anything close to the pre-injury years. Especially, being at the quarterback position.

There is also another hard to believe fact. Two quarterbacks were taken before Bridgewater. The two quarterbacks were none other than Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles. Where are they now? No need for an answer.

The fact is, Teddy Bridgewater wanted to stay with the Saints. He’s secure with his place right now behind one of the best quarterbacks to have played the game. That being said, he’s also one play away from taking over even in 2019. No one wants that to happen, but the job is not just a clipboard holder this year. There is much higher expectations this year versus the 2018 season.