Denver Broncos 2018 Free Agency Quarterback Targets

Denver Broncos 2018 Free Agency Quarterback
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As most fans know, the Denver Broncos will without a doubt need a quarterback in 2018. In 2016, for example, the Broncos witnessed the retirement of legendary quarterback Peyton Manning and the departure of Brock Osweiler — who left to join the Houston Texans. The following year, as the Broncos prepared to go into the off-season, Trevor Siemian was the only quarterback left on the roster.

Denver Broncos 2018 Free Agency Quarterback Targets

Since then, the team has acquired and traded Mark Sanchez, drafted Paxton Lynch along with Chad Kelly, signed Austin Davis from the Seattle Seahawks and re-signed Osweiler. Although the Broncos selected multiple quarterbacks, the 2017 NFL season has shown everyone that the franchise quarterback they’re looking for is everywhere but where it needs to be: on the team’s roster. This means that there’s a good chance that none of the three quarterbacks on the current roster will return once the free agency begins and their contracts are up.

With so much talent in the upcoming 2018 draft — like Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, and other big-name prospects — what would happen if the Broncos went after a big-time player in the draft? Or if they selected a veteran quarterback that could possibly take them back to the Super Bowl in 2018?

It’s true, the Broncos are no stranger to acquiring big-time players in free agency since they’ve done so recently. But perhaps this year could be different. With that in mind, let’s look at some options the Broncos have at the quarterback position in the free agency market.

The Veteran Options

Brock Osweiler

Current team: Denver Broncos

If the Broncos were to look at which one of their veteran quarterbacks would be more reliable and serve as a better mentor, then Osweiler might be their guy in 2018. He could, however, get the minimum amount of playing time once again this season, but with all the money he’s got from the Texans and Cleveland Browns, who’s to say he’ll complain. Nevertheless, if Denver had to make a decision between Osweiler and Siemian, they might choose the latter. After all, he would cost the team less money and he’s technically still under contract, which means Osweiler might begin to look elsewhere.

Tyrod Taylor

Current team: Buffalo Bills

Although Tyrod Taylor may not be the fans number one choice on the free agency market, he wouldn’t be the worst pick. In fact, if he got out of his contract with the Bills during the 2018 off-season, there’s a chance he could find his way in Denver at the start of the season. But if the Broncos did grab Taylor, it would cost them a significant amount of money to do so since they would have to pay out the Bills. If the Broncos, however, feel like they can get a better deal in the free agency or upcoming draft, then don’t be surprised if they part ways with Taylor.

If they take the chance and draft a rookie quarterback, then Taylor, like Osweiler, would serve as a great backup quarterback.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Current team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If the name Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t ring a bell, it should since he was a quarterback the Broncos considered when Peyton Manning announced his retirement. Why didn’t the deal work out? Well, it all came down to money. In other words, Fitzpatrick simply wanted too much money from the Broncos and decided to stay with the New York Jets when the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. If the Broncos did work something out with Fitzpatrick, nonetheless, he would serve a great mentor and help them groom their starting quarterback. Although Fitzpatrick would cost less, it’s unlikely he’ll find his in Denver.

Kirk Cousins

Current team: Washington Redskins

Perhaps the best deal Bronco fans are leaning towards – Kirk Cousins. Though he’s been linked to the Broncos in previous years, the most important question is: will the Redskins let Cousins see what the free agency market has to offer him? The only concern other organizations should have is the price tag, of course. Hypothetically speaking, if Cousins did end up in Denver it would cost the team a lot of money, and with the Broncos already giving most of that money to other players — like Von Miller, Cousins might find himself taking a pay cut or looking to join another team. But if Broncos general manager John Elway did make this deal happen with his effective leadership and sports management skills, then this team would be a force to reckon with in the AFC. As of right now, it’s hard to predict what will happen. But one thing is for sure, this will be an interesting offseason for the Broncos. 

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